10 Tips for Making an Effective Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch
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Your landing page should provide a clear and compelling reason to buy your product. That sales pitch should turn your passive users into active customers who interact with and enjoy the merchandise that you sell. Here are some tips to create a more effective online sales pitch.

1. Tailor the pitch to the customer

The product that you’re selling should provide a solution to a customer’s problem. When they find you, they want to know what you can do for them right NOW to solve their problem. Prepare a message that addresses the reason that they came to your site.

2. Be engaging

Your sales pitch needs to be interesting and entertaining to the reader. Use action verbs rather than passive ones and that will get their attention. Customers don’t want something that puts them to sleep any more than you do.

3. Offer case studies

Customers want to know how your product helped others in similar situations. Present problems to the customer and outline ways that your product or service eliminated them. Unlike testimonials, this is content written by you.

4. Break your content up

The average reader doesn’t want to be faced with a dissertation when they get to your landing page. Break your content up into a list format or short paragraphs. Your customers want a fast and accurate breakdown of the benefits of your product.

5. Create a pitch with integrity

Customers want to know why you are passionate about your product. Be completely honest about why you enjoy using that product over similar products in the field. Your passion and integrity will shine through.

6. Offer testimonials

Having someone else tout your product is one of the most important forms of organic marketing. Honor the customer who took the time to write by including their testimonial on your site. That feedback is valuable.

7. Pitch one product at a time

Too much information about too many products dilutes your message. You don’t want them to have any opportunity to be confused about what you’re offering. Instead, you want them to have an intense focus on buying the one thing that will satisfy their needs.

8. Let the readers know what’s in it for them

Use an effective headline to dramatize the solutions that you offer. Customers REALLY want to know what’s in it for them. The primary question your site’s visitors ask is, ‘What can YOU offer ME to make MY life better?’ An effective answer to that question creates more conversions.

9. Include a call to action

Your readers have made it to the bottom of the pitch. What should they do now? Provide them links and a call to action to guide them to your sales page. Make it as easy as possible to buy your products and services. Close the sale as you would in the brick and mortar world.

10. Proofread and grammar check your pitch

Typos and grammatical errors are unprofessional. They show that you do not care about your work. They distract your readers from the content of your site and can potentially turn them away. Proofread your pitch. Read it aloud to see how it flows. Look for grammatical errors.

Making an effective sales pitch is the key to converting online prospects into online customers. Your presentation should be short and sweet, addressing the customer’s needs. The attention that you pay to your sales pitch can lead to conversions.

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