10 Tips for Making an Effective Sales Pitch

Sales Pitch
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Your landing page should provide a clear and compelling reason to buy your product. That sales pitch should turn your passive users into active customers who interact with and enjoy the merchandise that you sell. Here are some tips to create a more effective online sales pitch.

1. Tailor the pitch to the customer

The product that you’re selling should provide a solution to a customer’s problem. When they find you, they want to know what you can do for them right NOW to solve their problem. Prepare a message that addresses the reason that they came to your site.

2. Be engaging

Your sales pitch needs to be interesting and entertaining to the reader. Use action verbs rather than passive ones and that will get their attention. Customers don’t want something that puts them to sleep any more than you do.

3. Offer case studies

Customers want to know how your product helped others in similar situations. Present problems to the customer and outline ways that your product or service eliminated them. Unlike testimonials, this is content written by you.

4. Break your content up

The average reader doesn’t want to be faced with a dissertation when they get to your landing page. Break your content up into a list format or short paragraphs. Your customers want a fast and accurate breakdown of the benefits of your product.

5. Create a pitch with integrity

Customers want to know why you are passionate about your product. Be completely honest about why you enjoy using that product over similar products in the field. Your passion and integrity will shine through.

6. Offer testimonials

Having someone else tout your product is one of the most important forms of organic marketing. Honor the customer who took the time to write by including their testimonial on your site. That feedback is valuable.

7. Pitch one product at a time

Too much information about too many products dilutes your message. You don’t want them to have any opportunity to be confused about what you’re offering. Instead, you want them to have an intense focus on buying the one thing that will satisfy their needs.

8. Let the readers know what’s in it for them

Use an effective headline to dramatize the solutions that you offer. Customers REALLY want to know what’s in it for them. The primary question your site’s visitors ask is, ‘What can YOU offer ME to make MY life better?’ An effective answer to that question creates more conversions.

9. Include a call to action

Your readers have made it to the bottom of the pitch. What should they do now? Provide them links and a call to action to guide them to your sales page. Make it as easy as possible to buy your products and services. Close the sale as you would in the brick and mortar world.

10. Proofread and grammar check your pitch

Typos and grammatical errors are unprofessional. They show that you do not care about your work. They distract your readers from the content of your site and can potentially turn them away. Proofread your pitch. Read it aloud to see how it flows. Look for grammatical errors.

Making an effective sales pitch is the key to converting online prospects into online customers. Your presentation should be short and sweet, addressing the customer’s needs. The attention that you pay to your sales pitch can lead to conversions.

Page/Do – Landing Pages for Everyone

Creative and Clean Landing Pages are becoming a norm to sell Products, Services or anything Good.  Many people spend Time, Effort and Money to Build Landing Pages that sell.   Here is a tool to build them in minutes, for much higher quality at a much lesser cost!

What is PageDo?

PageDo is an Online Service for building clean and efficient Landing pages – for your Business, Products and Social Media Campaigns.

Landing Page is a proven tool for increasing conversion rates – that encourages a user to complete the desired action like Filling a form or Buying a Product.  PageDo helps you build such effective Landing Pages, with little or no technical knowledge.

Features of PageDo

You don’t need to be a Web Designer/Developer to build a Landing Page.  It is a simple WYSIWIG tool, to get started all by yourself.

Pages are carefully designed for higher conversion rates, than the traditional web pages.

Get superior conversion reports and Analytics on how your Landing Page is performing

Do I need to Pay for every Visitor?

That’s the Best part of Page/Do.  You need not!

You Pay for the leads that the Landing Page generates.  PageDo count a lead as a visitor to your landing page that “converts”.    In other words, someone who completes your call-to-action such as the lead capture form on your landing page.

To know more details about their Pricing – head over here!

Branding the Landing Pages

All Plans offered by PageDo, enables you to setup own Subdomain for the Landing Page – thus helping a Branding.

Also, the premium plans offer capabilities like Ad-Free Pages, Custom Autoresponders, Custom Thank You Pages etc. for better Branding

So, if you are looking for Cool Landing Pages to Promote your Business – at affordable Cost and Effort – head right over to PageDo.  Let me know how it helped you.

This is a Non-Sponsored, Non-Affiliate Review of a Product. Reviews are based on our Private Analysis and in no way linked to the Actual Product Owner or the Company. If you want your Product/Service to be reviewed for Free, please contact us using the Contact Form

Attributes of Third Tribe Marketers – Are you there yet?

I was amazed by the Sales Pitch the Third Tribe Marketing team made.  It urged me to sign up for it immediately, once I read it.  That gave me the confidence, where I can learn some of these skills interacting with them.

So what is Third Tribe?

In my own words, Third Tribe marketers essentially exhibit the qualities of both money-savvy Internet Marketers and Social Media geeks.  They are the best breed!

You can read better about the Third Tribe here or here.

Attributes of Third Tribe folks

I am here with TTM for just 4 days – but I already have some elite friends and partners from this community.  Some essential attributes of folks I am meeting and interacting with on the forums – Passionate, Eye for perfection, Helping Others and constantly trying to Market their stuff

For some $27/month for the Third Tribe Marketing Membership might sound high.  But the stuff you’ll learn and the people you’ll get to know here are well worth it.

What are you waiting for? Join Third Tribe Marketing now and let me know your ID for me to connect with you!

Looking to learn HTML5 and CSS3 ?

I have recently seen many Web Developers try to get hold of HTML5 and CSS3 – as they both hold keys to the future of Web Development.

If you are one of those, then the following links are essential to bookmark.  They make an excellent weekend read – and help you feel absolutely enlightened!

  • Dive Into HTML5
  • CSS3.info

Few other tutorials and articles to give you an heads up:

  • Push Your Web Design Into The Future With CSS3
  • CSS 3 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3: The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using

Another interesting article on HTML5 – iPhone developers abandoning app model for HTML5?

Happy Learning!

Why should you try Readtwit?


If you are an RSS freak and looking to get Twitter content that has links in them, into your RSS Reader, then Readtwit is the right tool for you.  Read on to know why should you definitely try Readtwit!

What is Readtwit?

Readtwit is a Twitter-based tool that parses your Twitter feed and provides it in RSS format.  It takes only those tweets with links in them, extracts the initial content (about 2000 characters) and feeds the RSS stream.  You can subscribe to this unique RSS stream created for you in the RSS Reader of choice and start reading stuff!

Why is it Good?

I find it good for a few of the reasons: [Read more...]

4 ways to use your Email for Social Networking

Email still continues to be one of the widest used and easier to learn tool around the web.  In this post, I will show some ways to use your email with social networking tools.

1. Posterous


Posterous is a very powerful tool to post things using Email.  It is very simple to get started:

  • Sign up with Posterous with your Email (you can even skip this step!)
  • Setup your Posterous account which is accessible at http://yourusername.posterous.com
  • Send your content as Email to from your registered account
  • Your content appears magically at http://yourusername.posterous.com

You can also send in an attachment with your email, that are added to your blog post. [Read more...]

7 FREE and Essential Tools for Freelancers

To a freelancer, tools greatly improve productivity and much better if they are available for free.  Here is a list of simple, highly productive and FREE tools that I have been using in my various projects.  I am sure these will help you too.

1.  Skype

Skype is very commonplace nowadays, but I am surprised at a relatively low adoption rate.  It is one of the best tools I have ever used, for Internet Calling.  If you and your partner have a computer with a speaker and a microphone (or headphones), then calls can be made for virtually NO charge.  This can greatly reduce your Phone bills (if you use phone extensively) which can be substantial at the end of a month!

[Read more...]

Post Updates to Social Networking Sites using your E-Mail (Thanks Posterous!)

Imagine! You are browsing the internet at workplace and suddenly come across an interesting piece of information, that you want to post to Facebook.  Alas, Facebook is blocked in your workplace! So what you do?  Posterous – is for your rescue.

If Posterous sounds extremely new to you – checkout their FAQ here http://posterous.com/faq.  It is pretty exhaustive.

So, Posterous lets you post text, images or even videos right from your mailbox.  For instance, to post something to Facebook, set up your Posterous account, send an e-mail to a particular address – everything else is taken care by Posterous.


Keep an eye on this space for a detailed post on Posterous and how it might evolve into a “king-size” Twitter!

Get the Best of Twitter – in 2 simple ways!

Twitter is slowly but surely becoming a “Google” of ideas.  A wealth of information and ideas get into Twitter everyday and grasping even 1% of those is a gargantuan task. To better optimize your time and get the maximum information out of Twitter – I suggest you the following 2 simple ways:

Use Twittorati


Twittorati is a latest entrant into the array of Twitter based services.  But it is not just all about Twitter! In their own words:

Twittorati tracks the tweets from the highest authority bloggers, starting with the entire Technorati Top 100 and soon including many more of the web’s most influential voices.So if you start following Twittorati, then you can be rest assured to get the best of tweets from the best-in-class people.

I can already see some well known names like – Darren Rowse (ProBlogger), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Brian Clark (CopyBlogger), Pete Cashmore (Mashable) – whose tweets are featured in Twittorati.

Thus, Twittorati marks the consummation of Blogging and Tweeting.  In addition to reading the tweets, Twittorati helps you to:

  • Find the Top Links shared over Twitter
  • Find Top Blogs, based on their Technorati Authority
  • View Latest Photos shared around people’s chat

You can also choose to follow Twittorati on Twitter @twittoratinews

Follow the Twitter AllTop Site


Alltop is the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki and few more guys.  In their words – “Alltop is an online magazine rack of popular topics”.

In the same lines, Alltop for Twitter, is a magazine rack of popular and latest information from the Twitter world.  It ranges from information about Twitter to information shared on Twitter.

Make sure you bookmark this site and visit everyday – to be rest assured that you don’t miss anything important on Twitter.

I would strongly recommend these 2 resources, to get the best of twitter everyday.  Let me know if you find these useful.  Also, enlighten me with the other ways you may use to keep track of Twitter!