Weekend Wrapup: Interesting Reads for the Weekend 11/21

Here is a wrap up of all interesting reads I had during the week ending 11/20.

I am gathering all of them in a single place, for you to Read and Enjoy them during the Weekend!  Happy Reading!

Tech and Mobile

Irrationality, Welcome Back to Silicon Valley http://wp.me/p10LZV-15nJ

Boxcar 4.0 Pushes iPhone Notifications To The Next Level http://tcrn.ch/btTRwy

Is the new MacBook Air eating into iPad sales? http://t.co/L92EYEY

Sencha Launches Touch 1.0 with A New Price-Point: Free http://t.co/3cGzHuS

Wozniak: Android Will Dominate iOS http://bit.ly/cCvbIr

HTML5 vs Native Apps http://t.co/Go0u1yG

Why Samsung’s Bada Could Win Big http://t.co/Ww45fDn

Google Engineer Wants You to Hack Microsoft’s Kinect http://t.co/a7XJcLa

How to Install Android on an iPhone in Six Easy Steps http://t.co/4mxwW7v

Internet and Social Media

New Twitter Now Showing Full Conversations In The Side Pane http://t.co/FNwCzTY

The Truth About Getting Rich Quick http://bit.ly/9A9Is4

Meet The New New Facebook http://t.co/ntlBjfP

The Social Media Method for Diabetes Care http://t.co/OGSeCWZ

Social & Others

See how 10 social investors from across the world are helping Reena in her business http://goo.gl/8vDBk Discover social investing on Rang De

The Future of Indian Technology http://t.co/1e79Mhp

GiveIndia Blog – Confessions of a donor http://bit.ly/auECtw

Gaon Ki Awaaz: News in your Hands http://goo.gl/fb/ch3Fu

How Defining Your Ideal Project Can Improve Your Freelancing Business http://bit.ly/9JMIzB

Weekend Reads and Deals – October 16

During the Weekend, I will Share with you some interesting Reads that came out during the Week and also some Interesting Deals for you, if any.

Here are some of the “not to miss” Posts that came out during this week:

  • 7 Things you must Do to Make your Product Launch Easier – Dave, as usual has come up with an excellent post and gives you some important things, that can make your Product Launch a Breeze
  • Customer Service is Everyone’s Job – Read this post by John and I am sure you will appreciate it
  • How to take Control of your Financial Life – This is not exactly a Sales topic, but it’s a nice read for anyone dealing with Money
  • How to Choose and Hire a Web Designer – In this post, Cynthia gives you all that you need to choose and hire a Web Designer, for your next Project
  • Autoresponder on ‘Roids – A good start, if you are trying to know more about and start using Autoresponders


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Customer Service Is Everyone’s Job