Hidden Benefits of Blogging

Most of us start a Blog to express our views and to feel a sense of achievement on being popular.  But Blogging can lead to Side Effects (positive, of course), some of which you never might have expected.

Your Writing Skills improve like Magic

Blogging frequently will help you notice a substantial improvement in your writing skills.  You will start learning the art of organized writing, paraphrasing content and summarizing ideas.  You never know – might end up writing a “Best Seller” some day!

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Create Newsletter from your Blog RSS Feed using MailChimp

If you are into serious Blogging, setting up a Newsletter is definitely somewhere on your agenda.  In this post I will show you how to setup a simple and effective Newsletter using the RSS Feed of your Blog in minutes.  We will use MailChimp as our service provider.

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5 Quick Ways to make your Blog Extremely Popular


Don’t mistake this to be a spammer post – just with the title!  I will share some reasonable & practical techniques to make your Blog Extremely Popular, that would work sure shot! But the only downside is they may not work – if tried too early in your Blog’s Life Cycle.

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Thesis Theme : Setup Pagination on Home Page

In this tutorial, we will see How to Setup Pagination on the Home Page of your Blog or Website running on the Thesis Theme for WordPress.  This will replace the regular “Previous Entries” link that appears at the bottom of your Content Area, just below the Teasers (if you are using them).

What are we trying to create?

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Why should you try Readtwit?


If you are an RSS freak and looking to get Twitter content that has links in them, into your RSS Reader, then Readtwit is the right tool for you.  Read on to know why should you definitely try Readtwit!

What is Readtwit?

Readtwit is a Twitter-based tool that parses your Twitter feed and provides it in RSS format.  It takes only those tweets with links in them, extracts the initial content (about 2000 characters) and feeds the RSS stream.  You can subscribe to this unique RSS stream created for you in the RSS Reader of choice and start reading stuff!

Why is it Good?

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Show your latest Tweet on top of Content Column in Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme makes life a lot simpler, if you are trying to customize your blog.  In this post, I will show you how to display your latest tweets at the top of your content column.  You can either choose to display this only on the Home page or on all pages.

Verified to Work with Thesis Theme 1.8! Enjoy!

What we will Create?

This is what we are trying to create in this tutorial – the latest twitter update on the top of your content column.  There is also a link to your Twitter profile home page.


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4 ways to use your Email for Social Networking

Email still continues to be one of the widest used and easier to learn tool around the web.  In this post, I will show some ways to use your email with social networking tools.

1. Posterous


Posterous is a very powerful tool to post things using Email.  It is very simple to get started:

  • Sign up with Posterous with your Email (you can even skip this step!)
  • Setup your Posterous account which is accessible at http://yourusername.posterous.com
  • Send your content as Email to from your registered account
  • Your content appears magically at http://yourusername.posterous.com

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How to get your (first) Guest Post published?

Guest Posts are one of the best ways to build your network of readers.  But how do you get started with guest blogging?  How to make sure that the Publisher says ‘Yes’ to your guest blog request, right away?  This post talks about the step-by-step process to get your (first) guest post published

Make a list of Prospective Blogs

It is essential that you make a list of blogs or sites, where you would like the guest post to appear.  This way your targets are set.  I would recommend to keep in mind the following, while choosing the prospective blogs:

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Create Powerful Contact Forms using 123ContactForm.com


Contact forms are an essential component of any website or blog – as they provide an interface for your readers to get in touch with you.  123ContactForm gives you the flexibility to create HTML forms, style them to match your website or blog design, install them and get notified when someone fills it.  Read on to know about 123ContactForm and how it can help you and your site.
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