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Wise Owl blogs on programming coaching topics Page three of 8

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Triggers in SQL Server

Triggers are special stored procedures that run automatically in response to specific events in a database. This blog presents tips for creating three types of triggers in SQL Server: DML, DDL, and connection triggers.

Transactions in SQL Server

This blog examines how transactions are used in Microsoft SQL Server to help you manage when data changes are committed to the database. You will also learn how to undo transactions, which will give you the ability to undo changes made to your data.

Dynamic SQL

Dynamic SQL is a technique for constructing legitimate SQL statements from separate pieces of text. You can use this system to create remarkably versatile and useful queries as long as you are aware of the potential danger of SQL injection attacks.

Derived tables in SQL

A derivative desktop is a technique for creating an ephemeral record that can be used in another query in SQL. You can use derived tables to shorten long queries or simply break down a complex flow into logical steps.

Using Cursors in SQL Server

Cursors allow you to step through a record one document at a time. They're not the fastest software in the SQL Server box, but they have their uses and this blog explains how they work.

Loops in SQL

Many programming languages have many forms of loops, allowing your applications to repeat a set of instructions multiple times. There is only one type of loop in SQL, and this blog explains how it works!

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