Affiliate Signup

Wanna be an Affiliate for the Products we Sell?

Follow these steps and you can get started in Minutes…

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  1. Sign up as an Affiliate at our Affiliate Portal – Click here
  2. Login to the Affiliate Portal
  3. Go to the “ADS” section and choose the Products you wish to Promote
  4. Copy the Text and/or Image Banner Links and use them in your Site

That’s it…

We Pay 40% as Sales Commission, for Every Completed Sale

When a Prospective Buyer clicks on the Affiliate Link…

  • We recognize that the Buyer is referred by “YOU”
  • If they make a Purchase, we automatically track the Sales
  • You will be paid 40% of the Product Sale Price as Commission
  • Commissions are Paid once in a Month – during the First Week (between 1 to 8 of Every Month, for the Previous Month Sales

If you have any questions about the Affiliate Program, contact me using the form here