How I deferred my First Product for 3 Months…

and got it done in a Weekend? I wanted to release my first Skin for Thesis Theme, some 3 Months ago. But due to various reasons, I deferred it, almost every day and every week. But… I got it done last weekend, Holy Kaw! I couldn’t just resist sharing with you a few Practical tips, that made it happen!

Divide and Conquer!

One main reason I deferred working on the Product was – the Magnitude! I considered the task of creating a Product and Selling it in the Market as a huge one, that requires a lot of time and effort.

Though this is true, the mindset changes when you “Divide the Major Task into Small Chunks”.

I kept these points in mind, when creating these Small Chunks:

  • Make the Small Chunks – really small.  Each task should never take more than 1 Hour to complete
  • Use a clean and simple Todo tool (I use ) to record these Small Chunks
  • Tick it off, as you complete One Small Chunk – believe me, this gives you an immense level of Motivation!
  • Set a “Lower Limit” on the Number of Small Chunks to complete, in any given day!  (…Unless you do this, you fall in to the same old PIT)

Focus on the Product, Not the Sales!

One another reason to defer work, is being skeptic about the Results or the Returns! Especially, this happens with your first product.

If you feel the Sales are going to be Low, you willll never put in your Best and Be on Time!

Come out of the “Salesman” mindset. Your product may sell like Hot Cakes or Bite the Dust!  But, never mind with your First Product.  Go ahead, focus on the quality and get it out.

The Feel and the Experience of getting your First Product out, is essential for your “Longevity”.  I followed this and focused just on my product, neither the money nor the sales.

Choose a Simple Way to Sell

Don’t complicate yourself with setting up a Shopping Cart on your Site, Configuring Paypal and blah blah…  Use a really simple way, to setup and start selling in minutes!

My recommendation to you, with eyes closed is –

You can get started with E-Junkie, setup your product and sell it in less than 30 Minutes.  Believe me, I did that.

Instead of writing another post on How to use, I will point you to a neat article by Dave Navarro – How to Use to Sell your Stuff

Ignore the Competition and “Super” Perfection

Not Always!  Just for your First Product.  Once you start comparing your Product with the competition, you start “Striving for Perfection”.  Never, ever do that.

It’s O.K. to be “Not So Perfect”, but “Getting out there and Selling”

Many people, work all along for Perfection and miss the “Big Launch”.  Beware of the “Perfrection” trap and get out in the Market, with more than Minimum acceptable Quality! But make sure the Product is usable – otherwise it loses the whole purpose.

To Summarize…

  • Divide your Major Task or Product in to “really” Small Chunks
  • Focus on the Product Creation, Not on Sales or Results
  • Choose a very Simple Way to Sell
  • Ignore the Competition and “Super” Perfection

What Next?

If you have your Own experiences or Tips, share it with me as Comments to this post.  Also, I will be a lot happier, if you can share it with fellow Tweeters – by Retweeting this post!

I am giving away “One Copy of my New Thesis Theme Skin – The Bolder Skin” – for FREE – to One commenter of this Post.  It could be you…

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