2 Examples of “Solid” Product Launches

How many times have you seen a “mega” successful Product launch, in the recent times?  I am sure – there are many!  I tried to go beyond getting “awed” at the launch of 2 recent “mega” Products and learn a few lessons from them.  Hence this post and I am sure you’ll like this… Read on…

What Products am I talking about?

Here are the Products I’m referring to:

  • The 2010 More Buyers Mastermind by Dave Navarro
  • Kajabi – The Internet Marketing Software by Andy Jenkins

Though Kajabi is not yet public, it has generated a huge expectation wave and I am sure it would rock in Sales!

Lesson #1: Spread the Concept

A Product originates from a Concept.  Usually, the Concept resides in the Mind of the Creator.  But that’s not sufficient to Sell the Product.  Go ahead, get the concept out and let your prospective Buyers and Customers appreciate it.

How do you Spread the Concept to your Prospective Buyers?

Create Videos. And, that’s what essentially both Dave and Andy has done.  Create Videos. Talk about your Concept and let people hear it.  Also, open up the videos for Comments and listen to what others think about it.

Why Videos? – People can hear you talking.  People can appreciate your Passion.  People can appreciate the concepts, in your own words.  People understand your Authority over the Concept.

Why Comments? – You get public feedback on your Concept.  This can help you in fine tuning the Solution (a.k.a. your Product)

Lesson #2: Set the Context and Need for your Product

People don’t buy a Product, unless they understand the context of its usage (within their own lives) and their Need for it.  Nobody buys anything, that they don’t need.

Necessity breeds Consumption

So what Dave and Andy has done?  Give Away Free eBooks and Workbooks.  Once you talk to the People, you need to connect with them.  There is no better follow-up to Videos, than eBooks.

Make sure that the eBooks focus on:

  • Setting the Context of your Product – where will it be of use
  • Emphasizing the Need – why does someone need it
  • Elaborating the Solution – how does your Product solve the Problem or make life easier

Don’t focus on converting your Readers/Prospects to Buyers.  This way, you will lose the opportunity to add value.  Focus on Adding Value and Conversion will automatically happen!

Lesson #3: Offer Launch Discounts

By now your Prospects know who you are, what concept and solution you are trying to sell and how it’s going to help them.  Offer them Launch Discounts

Reward people for Attention

In the current Internet Marketing Scenario, it’s tough to attract Attention.  And, if you manage to do, Reward people for their Attention.  Offer Launch Discounts to these early Prospects.  Try to convert them to Affiliates, for your Product.  And, this is precisely what Dave has done!

Lesson #4 (bonus): Make Everything “Time Bound”

Never offer these pre-sales material, for ever.  Make them Time Bound.  This makes people “Decide Fast” and projects the “Premiumness” of your Product!

To Summarize…

1. Spread the Concept

2. Set the Context and Need for your Product

3. Offer Launch Discounts

4. Make Everything “Time Bound”

So, you Rock Star!  What do you have to say about these Products?

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