Understand the Evolution of your Blog

by Ashwin

Evolution, as with everything else is life, is very applicable to your well deserved Blog. In this post, you will find out the different stages of your Blog’s Evolution and what should be your focus areas at each of them.

The Skeleton

At this stage, your Blog and its concept is introduced to the Web. Though online, your Blog is not well known to your Prospective Readers and Search Engines.

You key focus areas at this stage must include: Creating a Clean Design for your Blog, Nail down on the Key Topics and Keywords that your Blog will stand for, Setup Analytics, Configure Newsletters and RSS Feeds, Start Planning and Writing Great Content

The Baby Steps

At this stage, your Blog is known to a handful of Readers and Search Engines (to a certain extent). But it doesn’t yet get the traffic and visibility, it deserves. Your Blog gets into this stage, when it has about 25+ posts.

Your key focus areas at this stage must include: Continue Writing Focused and Great Content, Review and Improve SEO, Build Traffic using Social Networking Sites, Building your Subscriber Network, Offering Free content like eBooks etc.

The Consistent Performer

At this stage, your Blog becomes a Consistent Performer. It has a few loyal Readers and enjoys some consistent Traffic. But there is scope for Improvement in terms of Network and Traffic.

Your key focus areas at this stage must include: Retaining and Growing Subscribers, Offer absolutely focused content for your Subscribers, Start Planning and creating Products that you can sell through your Blog, Open up your Blog for Guest Writers, Participate in Forums and Expose your Blog to other fellow Bloggers, Be a Guest Blogger in related Niche Blogs, Use Affiliate Marketing to sell related Products

The Content Warehouse

At this stage, your Blog is already a Star. It enjoys Superior Traffic and becomes a Brand Name for its Niche. It is a platform to sell your Products and starts making Money.

Your key focus areas at this stage must include: Revisit your Blog Design and make your Prime Content easily available, Focus on making more Money selling Products, Create Membership and Subscription based Content, Create Value for your Subscribers and turn them into Brand Ambassadors

The Winner

At this stage, your Blog is an Icon. It becomes a premium repository of niche specific content. People talk about your Blog and link frequently to popular content.

Your key focus areas at this stage must include: Look for Joint Ventures, Create Membership Sites that can be promoted through your Blog, Use targeted Affiliate Marketing to make more Money, Look out for Selling Opportunities

So what stage is your Blog in now? What are the 3 things you plan to do in the immediate month? Share it with us as comments to this post. We would love to hear them.

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