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3 Types of People among the Working Class

Work for Others – This is the majority.  Such people are happy getting a job that pays them well and takes care of their well being.  They are at home – working hard, getting the occasional rewards and feeling happy at the growth of the organization, they work for.
Work for Others and sometime for Themselves [...]

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Learn about Money Management from Get Rich Slowly

I always believe that to succeed in Business – you should start loving Money.  Not just the love – you should also start understanding how to better manage the Money that you spend and the Money that you make.
One of the wonderful Money Blogs I regularly follow is – Get Rich Slowly.  This blog is [...]

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Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish – A Must Read

This Weekend, I did a Book shopping after a long time.  Unfortunately, I could not find the book I was looking for.  But I bought this book and loving it so far!
Stay Hungry Stay Foolish is a simple book, about extraordinary personalities and their achievements.  The book is a mini-biography of 25 IIM-A graduates who [...]

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5 Cool Google Chrome Extensions you should try

Google Chrome is getting better everyday – and the long awaited extensions are here.  In this post, I will show you 5 cool Google Chrome extensions to make your Web experience better.
Note: To use extensions, you must install the Google Chrome Beta version
New-Google-Doc — Creates a New Google document right from your Chrome browser.  The [...]

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Back from Hibernation

I haven’t written a Blog Post for a month now.  I know it and there were various reasons – which do not warrant a mention now.  But I am back now and promise to slowly get back to my pace.
I made a couple of major changes to my Blog.  One is a Design change – [...]

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Looks Good Naked Skin – for Thesis 1.6

I keep hearing from Thesis lovers – Can I get the Looks Good Naked Skin for Thesis 1.6?  So to make them all happy – here we go!

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Search Box in Navigation Bar of the Thesis Theme

In this tutorial, we will see how to add the Search Box on the Navigation Bar of the Thesis Theme for Wordpress.
Note: This is tested with Thesis Theme version 1.6.  Will not work with the older versions.  Contact me via the Comments section and I will help you!

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Writing more Blog Posts – the Myth and the Reality!

Every wannabe Professional Blogger has this question.  How do I write more Blog Posts?  (Psss… a secret – with a Professional Blog the quality is more important than the quantity of posts!)

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Writing a Blog Post at the Speed of Light

Every Blogger would agree with me, that it takes a longer time to write a Blog Post – than to get an idea on what to write.  Do you know there are some simple techniques that can help you write a Blog Post, almost at the speed of light?  Read on!
Don’t Meddle a lot with [...]

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Tips for Better Email Management with Gmail

Using a Gmail Account these days, is commonplace.  Now everyone of us have it!  Do you know some really cool ways to better manage your emails, with Gmail?  Read on to know them.  All Simple but effective!
Canned Responses

A Labs feature, that helps you save and reuse the content of mails.  In the feature description [...]

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