Working Class People

3 Types of People among the Working Class

by Ashwin on December 20, 2009

in Entrepreneurship

Work for Others – This is the majority.  Such people are happy getting a job that pays them well and takes care of their well being.  They are at home – working hard, getting the occasional rewards and feeling happy at the growth of the organization, they work for.

Work for Others and sometime for Themselves – This type of people also work for a reputed Organization.  But it is more of a necessity, than the love of it.  They love to break free and go their own way – but lack the needed confidence.  They are not yet ready to lose their monthly paychecks! These people try to do some small chunks of work for themselves like Freelancing, Online Money Making, Social Entrepreneurship etc.  But they are not game for the big show yet!

Work for Themselves – This type of people are never at home working for others.  They always try to break loose.  They go out on ventures of their own and take the responsibility for all success (or failure).  They are ready to give up the monetary pleasures of life, for the sake of their ambitions.  They are self-starters and enablers!

It is very natural that people go through all these phases – during their career.  Some people get stuck to one of these – but other move across.  But just think about where you are, at this time? This will help you analyze where you will be, in the next 5 years of time.

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