I will Buy whatever Mr. XYZ Sells!

Can you think of One Person according to you, who will fit the “Mr. XYZ” in this title?  I am sure you have at least One Name, that fits! Something that all Big Sellers have is a group of Loyal Supporters and Promoters, who will Buy and Promote whatever they Sell.

Let’s look at 3 Main attributes of these Big Sellers that make this a reality!


Buyers trust these Big Sellers.  They trust their Big Promises.  They trust their Concepts.  They trust their Products.  They trust their Words.

How do they build this “Trust”?

One thing for sure – it doesn’t happen overnight or in a weekend.  The Trust is built around them essentially because:

  • They are “doers”. People never trust anyone who just talks and never does anything
  • They are “consistent”. People trust anyone who delivers awesome and useful content, time after time
  • They are “open”. Big Sellers are open in their selling strategy.  They tell you exactly what you get out the products and what you will not
  • They are “ethical”. People never trust a Seller, who is unethical and looking for “all means” to sell their product


The second main reason to have repeat Customers, is Quality!

Quality is measured by the usefulness and reliability of the Product, every time it is used.

These Big Sellers take big care of maintaining high levels of Quality within every product they Sell.  They make it a mandate to deliver nothing Short of High Quality!

It is key to produce and sell Quality Products, for Customers to come back to you and buy anything that you Sell.


Whatever high the quality may be, the Customers need support.  The support needs may be various:

  • Bugs
  • Usage Problems
  • Training
  • Customization
  • Enhancements
  • Upgrades and so on…

The Big Sellers always have a sound support framework, around every product they Sell.  Usually, there are 2 Models of Support Framework, commonly used:

  • Forum based Support – Build a Forum of Users, Developers and Owners.  Provide support via Forum Posts
  • Dedicated Support – Maintain a Support team who can address the Support needs on individual basis

Often, a hybrid approach (a combination of Forum based + Dedicated) is also used, in case of High Volume Products.

Big Sellers understand the significance of Support and build a suitable Framework for it.

To Summarize…

To be a Big Seller and have your Buyers buy everything You Sell:

  • Build Trust with your Products
  • Maintain High Levels of Quality
  • Create a Solid Support Framework around all your Products

Leave your comments and let me know what you think about this… I am glad to hear them!

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