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Guest Posts are one of the best ways to build your network of readers.  But how do you get started with guest blogging?  How to make sure that the Publisher says ‘Yes’ to your guest blog request, right away?  This post talks about the step-by-step process to get your (first) guest post published Make a [...]


Contact forms are an essential component of any website or blog – as they provide an interface for your readers to get in touch with you.  123ContactForm gives you the flexibility to create HTML forms, style them to match your website or blog design, install them and get notified when someone fills it.  Read on [...]


To a freelancer, tools greatly improve productivity and much better if they are available for free.  Here is a list of simple, highly productive and FREE tools that I have been using in my various projects.  I am sure these will help you too. 1.  Skype Skype is very commonplace nowadays, but I am surprised [...]


Been a while since I created a Thesis tutorial.  Here you go!  I will show you how to create a “killer” Services and Portfolio Page using Thesis Theme.  In the portfolio section, you can even add the snapshots of the sites you created, testimonials and more.  Read on how to do it!


I have many blog posts in my archives, that are good to read but unfortunately failed without any visits.  I am sure you too have a few of them, that were deprived of attention they deserve.  So are they really dead?  What can you do with such posts?


Affiliate Marketing is one of main sources of income for Professional bloggers.  If Affiliate Marketing is a jargon to you, I would recommend the following sources of knowledge to learn more about it – What is Affiliate Marketing? (by Problogger) and Make Money Online eBook by John Chow.  But unfortunately, many Bloggers fail with Affiliate [...]


Thesis theme provides an option to display only post excerpts in the home page – but the problem I found was it shows very little content that might not entice the reader.  Also the post header images were gone from the home page. Then I found a very neat option available with Thesis to control [...]