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Essential Productivity Tips for every Freelancer

Being a Solo Freelancer is tough, as he/she is solely responsible for the success/failure of the Business.  Everyone of us know it and I am not going to repeat it here.
What I am going to tell you are some proven and essential productivity tips, that can take your Freelancing Career on to the fast track.

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Woork – A must follow blog for Web developers

I came across the blog – Woork – by Antonio Lupetti a few months back.  It is one of the blogs that can catch your attention almost instantly.
Nowadays, when I am stuck on something during my web development projects – like choosing a font, implementing Captcha or some AJAX controls – I instantly look up [...]

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How to find the “time” for Freelancing?

When venturing into part-time blogging or freelancing, the first challenge that comes up is the lack of time.  Everyone of us have 24 hours a day!  A major portion of it is consumed by your full time job, family and entertainment.  In this post, I will share a few tips on how to find some [...]

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Top 10 “On Demand” Skills for Software Freelancers

If you are planning to get into software freelancing, the first thing to care about is developing the right skill sets for your job.  If you are learning something, it is better to know about the demand for each of the skill and choose the right ones that suit you.
July marks the end of an [...]

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