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Web 2.0

Google Image Search turns more specific

Google Image Search turns more specific.  Now, when you make an image search, you can choose to be more specific and filter only those images that are of interest.
Currently the following filters are supported – News Content, Faces, Clip Art, Line Drawings, Photo Content

You can read more about the new feature, at the official Google [...]

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Gmail Labs – Create Document from Mails

Gmail Labs is the playarea for Gmail folks to release new features and check their usage among the public.  If this is something new to you, check out this post on Introduction to Gmail Labs.
Did you get an invoice or a report in the mail body and wish to save it in a document?  Forget about [...]

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Why Google Chrome might be preferred for Firefox?

Firefox is an extremely robust browser, with numerous choices for customization and extensibility. Though Google Chrome’s market share just recently hit 1%, there are certain of its features that stand out among the rest. In this post, I have tried to identify the areas where Chrome holds an upper hand, against Firefox. [...]

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Wikipedia – How to make it better?

Wikipedia is undoubtedly the most popular and robust online encyclopedia around. But do you know that far less than 1% of users edit or add content to Wikipedia? Wikipedia has so much of information, despite minimal contribution. With increased level of contribution, imagine the wealth of useful and accurate information, that will be [...]

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Sniff your friends

Useful Networks, a mobile software company operating in UK and Scandinavian region, has come up with a product that enables you to “sniff” your facebook and other social networking friends, in real time. As the product web page claims:
sniff lets you instantly locate your friends in real-time, anytime, anyplace, using your mobile phone.
As you [...]

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Online File Storage Series – #1 Mediafire

This is the first post in the series, that analyzes various file storage services available over the web. Main focus will be on those services, that offer more reliable and flexible options for both professional and casual users.

Mediafire allows users to store files and images. These resources can be securely accessed over the [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Google Gears

Many of us know about Google Gears as Google’s innovation to store web data offline, that can be viewed even in the absence of an Internet connection.  But Gears is much more than that.
What is Google Gears?

Gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web [...]

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Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is yet another Google Labs product.  This enables you to search for keywords, across the blogging community.

Once a search is performed, results are returned in a new page.  You can filter the search results based on the time of the post – for instance, you can view only those posts, that were [...]

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Digg Toolbar for Firefox 3

Digg has officially released its toolbar for Firefox 3, which would highly simplify the way the users digg, comment and submit posts.
This toolbar fits nicely under the firefox navigation bar, just above the Google toolbar (in case you have it).
In case you are navigating to a new page, that has never been digged, you can [...]

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