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Web 2.0

Google Search and the Environment

Alex Wissner-Gross’s Study Result:
Google Search Generates 7g of CO2, per search
Google’s take on this:
One Search produces only 0.2g of CO2, per search
Conclusion: You produce CO2 not only by exhaling, but also by searching the web

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Twitter and Phishing

Phishing has now reached Twitter!! To know more about Phishing, check out what Wikipedia has to say on it.
Allegedly some Twitter users received emails of Direct messages with a content like – “hey! check out this funny blog about you… ” and then provided a link on blogspot domain. That link takes the user [...]

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Twitree : How your Twitter Tree looks?

There seems to be no end in sight for mashup products on Twitter. One such is Twitree Beta.

Twitree allows you to have a tree-like view of all your followers. This is a recursive tree where you can view the followers of your followers and so on.
I don’t see much of an use with [...]

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LiveDrive is your one-stop online storage solution

Are you looking for a fast and flexible online storage service? LiveDrive is definitely worth a try!

LiveDrive is a beta online storage service, that is open for public registration. LiveDrive has certain features, that makes it stand apart.
Unlimited Storage Space

I don’t think this needs any explanations!
Hard Drive-Like Access

You can install the LiveDrive software, that [...]

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Google Product Ideas : Where Ideas evolve…

Do you have productive ideas for Google Products? Do you want Google to hear them?
Here comes, Google Product Ideas. Right now Google Product Ideas is open to Google Mobile Users, who have innovative ideas and love to visualize them. It may not just be a brand new idea; you can use this [...]

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BrowserShots – Test your website appearance across OS and Browsers

Every web developer must have confronted with the need to test the – layout, appearance and behavior – of their web site across Operating systems and browsers. Though the behavior testing requires the physical installation of the browser, the appearance and layouts can be easily tested using BrowserShots, an open source initiative.
BrowserShots takes in [...]

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Windows Live Skydrive

Huge number of online storage services, some completely free and some free to a certain limit, have been burgeoning over the last few years. One such service worth mentioning is, Windows Live Skydrive. To use this service, you must sign up for a Windows Live account, which is a Single-Sign-On for all Windows [...]

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Mozilla Impact – Winners announced

Winners of the Mozilla Impact contest, has been announced. “Fox for all” authored by Phani Kumar Vadrevu and Uttam Byragoni, both BITSians (students of BITS Pilani) has been chosen as the best among 10 final entries for the contest.
Their ideas are truly awesome. I suggest you read the entire proposal and sure you [...]

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