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Blogging Tips

5 Success Strategies to build your Blog Empire

Blogging is all about patience. You never become a blog celebrity overnight.  It takes a lot of time before you build a group of audience, who will wait for your next blog post!  This post will show you 5 Success strategies, that help you build your Blog Empire to last forever.
1.  Choose a Niche Area
To [...]

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Create a Contact Form for your Blog in minutes using Wufoo

Are you wondering how to setup a contact form for your Blog?  Are you sick of installing one more plug-in or add-on?  I will show a very simple way to setup an attractive contact form with validation, using Wufoo.  Read on!
1.  Sign up with Wufoo

Wufoo is an excellent service that helps you build variety of [...]

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BackType to Manage Comments across the web

You comment on a blog post.  You comment on a website.  Have you ever wondered how to manage all these comments from a Single Dashboard?  BackType provides you a solution.
How it works?
First signup for an account with BackType. Once done, you provide the details to claim comments from across the web.
By claiming – you setup [...]

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6 Types of Blog Posts That Sell like Hot Cakes

If you are into Professional Blogging and carefully watching your Blog Statistics for sometime, then it goes without saying that purely Personal posts do not go well with the readers.  So what kind of posts people love to read?  What to write that sell like hot cakes with your readers?  To know this, read on.
The [...]

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5 Truths about Professional Blogging

Ok, let’s get straight to the point of this post.  Have you ever thought about making your casual blog a professional one?  If yes, then you know that this is not straight forward. I am not going to get into the depths of professional blogging, in this post.  But I will share a few truths [...]

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Why maintaining a Blogging Schedule is good for your blog?

If you are a part time blogger like me, the biggest challenge you might face is the frequency and quality of posts, while managing with your full time job.  But maintaining a (strict) blogging schedule is good for your blog in the long run. I will show you why, in this post.  Read on!
Search [...]

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How to find the “time” for Freelancing?

When venturing into part-time blogging or freelancing, the first challenge that comes up is the lack of time.  Everyone of us have 24 hours a day!  A major portion of it is consumed by your full time job, family and entertainment.  In this post, I will share a few tips on how to find some [...]

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Manage your thoughts – right on your desktop!

Thoughts are very powerful – only if they blossom into something tangible.  How many times you came across an innovative or revolutionary idea, just to forget it an hour later? I don’t know about you, but I deal with this situation very often.  That is why, I use the following simple but very powerful tools [...]

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Setup Google AdSense for Search for your site in 5 minutes [Blogging]

Google AdSense for Search is a great way to setup custom search on your blog – powered by Google – and make advertising money out of it.  If you are running a blog and not yet part of Google AdSense, I would strongly advise you to get started here.
1. Setup Google AdSense for Search
Once you [...]

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