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How to Retain your Blog Readership?

You have hard earned the readers for your Wonderful Blog.  Now the most important question comes up – How do you retain your readers?  How do you make sure that none of the readership is lost, during the course of your Blogging journey? Follow these simple but useful techniques to make sure that your readership [...]

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Are you in the Problogger Community?

Darren Rowse has indicated in some of his earlier blog posts, about the inception of a Forum for all Bloggers out there.  Result – Problogger Community is born! Problogger Community is for Bloggers to join, participate, share, teach and learn everything about Blogging.  In my opinion, the primary advantages of participating in the community include: [...]

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Hidden Benefits of Blogging

Most of us start a Blog to express our views and to feel a sense of achievement on being popular.  But Blogging can lead to Side Effects (positive, of course), some of which you never might have expected. Your Writing Skills improve like Magic Blogging frequently will help you notice a substantial improvement in your [...]

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Create Newsletter from your Blog RSS Feed using MailChimp

If you are into serious Blogging, setting up a Newsletter is definitely somewhere on your agenda.  In this post I will show you how to setup a simple and effective Newsletter using the RSS Feed of your Blog in minutes.  We will use MailChimp as our service provider.

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5 Quick Ways to make your Blog Extremely Popular

  Don’t mistake this to be a spammer post – just with the title!  I will share some reasonable & practical techniques to make your Blog Extremely Popular, that would work sure shot! But the only downside is they may not work – if tried too early in your Blog’s Life Cycle.

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How to get your (first) Guest Post published?

Guest Posts are one of the best ways to build your network of readers.  But how do you get started with guest blogging?  How to make sure that the Publisher says ‘Yes’ to your guest blog request, right away?  This post talks about the step-by-step process to get your (first) guest post published Make a [...]

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Create Powerful Contact Forms using

Contact forms are an essential component of any website or blog – as they provide an interface for your readers to get in touch with you.  123ContactForm gives you the flexibility to create HTML forms, style them to match your website or blog design, install them and get notified when someone fills it.  Read on [...]

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An Old Car

What to do with your Old Blog Posts that Died without Readers?

I have many blog posts in my archives, that are good to read but unfortunately failed without any visits.  I am sure you too have a few of them, that were deprived of attention they deserve.  So are they really dead?  What can you do with such posts?

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5 Success Tips to start making money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of main sources of income for Professional bloggers.  If Affiliate Marketing is a jargon to you, I would recommend the following sources of knowledge to learn more about it – What is Affiliate Marketing? (by Problogger) and Make Money Online eBook by John Chow.  But unfortunately, many Bloggers fail with Affiliate [...]

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