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How to NOT Suck at Blogging?

by Ashwin

in Blogging Tips

Don't Suck at Blogging!

Many People start their Blog with a Bang. Everything goes Great and Traffic starts coming in. Suddenly, they start sucking at Blogging! Their Content Sucks! Design Sucks! And, Ultimately the Traffic!

Hmm… Sounds dramatic but this can happen to your well-nurtured Blog too! So, How to NOT Suck at Blogging?

Don’t Post a Set of Links, because you don’t know what else to!

You have a Series of Drafts and Start Posting them one after another.  One fine day – you realise, there is nothing to Post.  You can’t think of anything, that’s worthy of posting.

Resist your temptation to post a Set of Links to News Items or Others’ Blog Posts.  Though an occasional shot at this might be useful, don’t make this a Habit.

Web is full of links, and nobody wants another bunch at their RSS Feed.

Don’t Blog (only) for Money!

A Blog full of Affiliate Links and Banners – makes you look desperate for Money.

Worse even, your Content might be lost among those links.

Avoid Excessive Affiliate Banners at any Cost!

Don’t Switch your Blog Niche, every Week!

Identify a Niche for your Blog and try (your best) to stick to it.  Though occasional Niche Switches are acceptable, depending on the Traffic and Popularity – frequent niche changes confuse the readers and sometimes you!

If you desperately want to switch the Niche – think through it and perform it in a systematic way.  Again, don’t do it every week!

Don’t Live with a Shabby Design

Though you may start with a Moderate Design, when your Blog is still naive and looking for Traffic – make sure to give it an uplift once the Blog grows.

A Shabby Design always sucks!  Grab a nice theme, Hire a Designer (if required) and make your Blog look good.

Though Shabby Design don’t affect the Traffic – it leaves an impression (many times, a bad one!) in the minds of your Readers.

Don’t Be Monotonous

Not all your Readers want to know, what you did the last weekend.  Neither all your Readers want to know, what you think about the Recent Elections.

Maintain a Healthy Type of Posts and keep writing across them.  Write a Tutorial, Give a Tip, Post a Review and if possible, Interview someone in your Niche.

Being Monotonous, is no less than Sucking!

That’s all I wanted to say.  So what do you think about Sucking at Blogging?  Let’s talk.

  • whiztechy
    You listed all important points here. Especially the monotonous one, bloggers keep on writing such things again and again which repels visitors from blog.
  • Ashwin
    Yes - being monotonous certainly distracts and makes readers stay away! :)
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