Amazon S3 introduces Requester Pays Model

by Ashwin on January 3, 2009

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Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an inexpensive service for storing and accessing data on the cloud (or Internet). For a brief and useful introduction to Amazon S3, refer to this post by Amit Agarwal.

By the end of 2008, Amazon S3 introduced a feature named “Requester Pays”. Requester here refers to the user of hosted data (as against the Host, who hosts data on Amazon S3)

Current Business Model

So far the business model was to charge the company or individual, hosting the data on Amazon S3, based on the data transfer.  In other words, the data host will pay for data usage.  Higher the data transfer rate, more is the charge. For detailed information, refer to Amazon S3 Pricing information

New Business Models

With the introduction of Requester Pays model, the data host can choose two additional business models.

  • Host Data on Amazon S3.  Requester will pay the data transfer charges.  Higher the usage, more is the charge
  • Host Data on Amazon S3 and link with Amazon Devpay.  Requester pays fixed monthly charges for data usage.  You pay for the data transfer charges.

These provide excellent business models for data providers, who wish to share data and make money out of it.  Thus, Requester Pays model might attract more business to host data with Amazon S3.

Refer to the official post, for details on Amazon S3 Requester Pays model.

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