Digg Toolbar for Firefox 3

by Ashwin on August 9, 2008

in Web 2.0

Digg has officially released its toolbar for Firefox 3, which would highly simplify the way the users digg, comment and submit posts.

This toolbar fits nicely under the firefox navigation bar, just above the Google toolbar (in case you have it).

In case you are navigating to a new page, that has never been digged, you can see the ‘Submit’ button in the toolbar.
Digg Toolbar 1

If the current page has already been digged, you can see the ‘Digg it’ and ‘Add comments’ buttons.
Digg Toolbar 2

Also, the toolbar displays the popular stories at the bottom of the browser. It displays the information in 3 styles - Bottom Bar (my favorite), Inner popup, Outer popup. You can customize the topics from which to retrieve information.
Digg toolbar 3

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