I generally use a lot of Windows Notepad, for saving my clipboard text information.  I never found any of the clipboard managers really useful for me.  But it struck me, that I should try Google Notebook.  I am already a great fan of Gmail, Google Bookmarks and GReader.  So trying Notebook shouldn’t harm me.

I installed the Google Notebook for Firefox from here - http://www.google.com/tools/firefox/

It never stopped amazing me, from the time I did that.  Most of the information I collect are from the web; so adding my notebook to Firefox was my first choice.  It fits nicely into the bottom right of my Firefox window.

The Open Notebook/Close Notebook button toggles nicely, without any hitches.  One can add clipping from the web pages and also organize information by creating Sections.  And most importantly, my notebook information are available anywhere - from office and from home.  Any miscellaneous information that I save in office like phone numbers, can be retrieved at ease from home.   How cool is that!!

If you are not using Google Notebook with Firefox yet, should try it for sure!!

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