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A Plea from a Life lover

Ashwin » 27 July 2008 » In Social » Comments

Hello to Mujahideen or SIMI or LeT or Al Qaeda or whomsoever concerned.

This is a plea from a prospective victim, who might be stuck in any of your future executions. My feelings were hurt most, in the past two days. It was shocking and grieving to witness back-to-back attacks on Bangalore and Ahmadabad. I was completely dejected. The very sight of injured and dead ones over the television, were a pain at my heart.

I have always wondered about life. Nothing in this world is more livelier, than a life - whether it be a human life or an animal life or even a tree life. Nature takes long time in nurturing a life to prosperity. A mother has to wait at least 9 months, to see a life out of her; a gardener has to wait long to see a life out of the seed. This is because, life is precious and nature takes utmost care in its creation. Though man has gotten so far in artificially creating a life, in the form of test tube babies, no one yet has got the minutest idea on the nature’s process of life creation.

In contrary, man has devised numerous ways in putting an end to the life. Bomb culture, deforestation, killing animals for food are only a few to mention. Since it is easier to take a life than to give it, man has perfected this act. Bomb culture has become a serious problem in the recent times - with so many in India during the last couple of years.

Do you ever imagine how painful it is to search for the loved ones, among the heap of dead bodies? Do you ever think how cruel it is to see your loved one, with no limbs and life? I strongly agree that you have ideals and sacrificed your life for the sake it. But does your sacrifice license you to take away innocent lives? I fear, it does not.

India is a country, populated by a majority, who depend on a single family member’s income. Can you imagine the plight of such a family, who lost their bread-winner? Will they cry for the loss of their loved one or loss of their livelihood? How does this help to achieve your ideals? I fear, it does not.

I am proud to belong to the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Though I don’t agree with all his principles and ideas, I am a strong believer in non-violence. You gain nothing by hurting someone. You just gain his hatred. But by giving love, you get the same in return.

There is a saying in Tamil which crudely translates into - “Thievery cannot be stopped, until the thieves choose to”. Same holds good with Terrorism and Bomb culture. It cannot be stopped, until those who plan it, choose to abandon.

There are many ways in which you can broadcast your problems. There are numerous ways through which you can be heard. Terrorism is the least efficient way, in my opinion.

I consider everyone in this world to be a friend of mine. In that aspect, you are friend of mine too. Please take time to consider this plea, from a friend of yours. Don’t burn the flower of life, in the fire of terrorism. Put an end to this, in all possible ways you can. I would love to see my country full of love and life, once again. Please help me in envisioning it. JAI HIND.

Lovingly yours,

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Country with the most Billionaires!

Ashwin » 22 July 2008 » In Social » Comments

It’s not the United States or UK or Germany or India!  It definitely should be Zimbabwe, where every common man deals with billions of dollars (Z$ of course!)

Zimbabwe is reeling under serious inflation, hovering around 2.2 Million % as per official figures.  Unofficial figures put it higher.  These high value bills couldn’t even buy a loaf of bread.  They could get only 4 oranges, as claimed by the CNN website.

With 80% unemployment rate, chronic shortages of food and fuel and in the midst of political crisis, Zimbabwe is surely in dire straits.  Many blame it on the President Mugabe’s political moves.

It’s high time they put an end to their political motives and work towards the nation’s welfare.  They should take some consulting help from bigger minds in the world (why not Chidambaram!) on the immediate steps to tackle inflation and improving lives of their citizens.  God save this country!

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Make Confidence your trait!

Ashwin » 21 July 2008 » In Uncategorized » Comments

Experience comes from failures.  This is very true!  But in many cases, I have seen Confidence coming only from success.  Also, one seldom succeeds without Confidence.  Don’t you see a deadlock here!  To break this deadlock, one has to learn to decouple Confidence from Success.

Don’t make a Confidence a habit that is gained from success.   Instead make Confidence a trait in you.

I found this nice video in YouTube.


Take aways from the Video

1. Commit to confident thoughts
2. Choose to be positive
3. Take risks
4. Love the game
5. Love being pushed to your limits
6. Be relentless
7. Act, think and feel like a winner
8. Non-stop confidence
9. Be a difference maker
10. And finally, Believe in you!!

Have a great week ahead!!

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Meditation as an art of contemplation - An Essay

Ashwin » 20 July 2008 » In Uncategorized » Comments

Meditation is a fashionable advice given by many, when asked about the means of relaxation and freedom from stress. Meditation is often viewed as a conduit for stress. Though this is true sometimes, but not always. Further, many have misconceptions on how to Meditate. Many view it as an activity - where one sits on a carpet in solitude, trying to streamline his thoughts or better, keep his mind void of thoughts. This definitely is NOT meditation.

As always, I have my own ideas on meditation and as always it differs from others’. Meditation is an art of uninterrupted contemplation, where one’s thought factory is busy producing ideas. Thus, Meditation is not an art of concentration or keeping one’s mind void of thoughts; instead, it is the power of thinking seamlessly, coming out of the mundane world.

Meditation as a contemplation, lead to healthy ideas. Few of healthy ideas lead to actions; few of healthy actions lead to results; few of results lead to success; few of successes lead to revolution. So, Meditation is a tool that eventually can trigger a revolution.

Also, it is not just about intellectual contemplation. It can be a contemplation on one’s current financial crisis and various ways to overcome it. An uninterrupted contemplation in this regard, is again a Meditation. But what is important, is this act of contemplation must be productive giving rise to ideas. Grieving about a problem and troubling your heart in the process, is not the goal. Meditation should pave way for finding solutions to one’s problems.

Human mind is a miracle. It can do wonders, when its productivity is increased. Increasing mind’s productivity is possible only through constructive thinking, that leads to healthy ideas. Many of them I know, either think about a flower or about a God, when they meditate. This might relax their mind, but decreases the productivity and thus the efficiency of mind. Also meditation this way, only benefits the immediate individual. But some healthy revolutions that might arise out of meditation (refer Para 3), can benefit the entire community.

Everyone of us already meditate, when we think. But the thin line between Meditation and Thinking, comes from the discipline and solitude that a mediation mandates. So understand the power of meditation and put that into practice. Let us see the flow of ideas, which might lead to many revolutions. Happy Meditating!

Hello readers! I have always been excited about essays. In my opinion, they are the best channel, only next to speech, in communicating ideas. Hope you enjoyed reading this one. You will see a lot more coming, going forward. Feel free to share your ideas or feedback, through the comments or mail.

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time and pursuit

Ashwin » 12 July 2008 » In General » Comments

time flows, and so does the man

in pursuit of it

often fails, but never tired of trying

those who win, feel they better were not in the race

and finally the time wins, when it flows

but when in eternity, irony that the main seizes pursuit

so this makes man a winner.

here i am, still in pursuit of time…

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Google Notebook for Firefox

Ashwin » 07 July 2008 » In Uncategorized » Comments

I generally use a lot of Windows Notepad, for saving my clipboard text information.  I never found any of the clipboard managers really useful for me.  But it struck me, that I should try Google Notebook.  I am already a great fan of Gmail, Google Bookmarks and GReader.  So trying Notebook shouldn’t harm me.

I installed the Google Notebook for Firefox from here -

It never stopped amazing me, from the time I did that.  Most of the information I collect are from the web; so adding my notebook to Firefox was my first choice.  It fits nicely into the bottom right of my Firefox window.

The Open Notebook/Close Notebook button toggles nicely, without any hitches.  One can add clipping from the web pages and also organize information by creating Sections.  And most importantly, my notebook information are available anywhere - from office and from home.  Any miscellaneous information that I save in office like phone numbers, can be retrieved at ease from home.   How cool is that!!

If you are not using Google Notebook with Firefox yet, should try it for sure!!

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Ayudham Seivom (Tamil) - Review

Ashwin » 06 July 2008 » In Uncategorized » Comments

Gandhian ideas have helped forge a box office hit in Bollywood, in the form of Lage Raho Munna Bhai. Now, Udhayan and Pyramid Saimira has tried to replicate this success, in the context of Kollywood.  It is to be seen, whether this success formula works out well in the southern part of our country.

Story line is pretty simple.  A Gandhian-turned-rogue, Satya played by Sundar. C, follows the path of ahimsa to punish a corrupt politician.  But the core of the story comes up only towards the last 45 minutes of the movie.  All time before that were spent (read as wasted) in some regular colorful pieces and trying hard to bring the audience to this point.

Vivek has fared well, when compared to a few of his earlier movies.  Music is below average and better avoid the songs.  Anjali has been included in the picture to add some glamor to the eyes; nothing more.  Napolean, Nasser and Vijayakumar have done well in their respective roles.

Sundar. C has worked a bit on his acting; but a lot to improve.  Noisy introduction does not suit him.  I would like him avoid these, in his next venture and concentrate more on his acting skills.

Barring a few hiccups, the movie has done pretty well, in my opinion.  Go watch it.  It’s a feel good one.  Satyameva Jeyathe!!

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