A Quick Peek in to Thesis 1.7 Beta

Thesis 1.7 Beta was released last week, amidst enormous expectations and enthusiasm.  Being one among the crowd, I would say that I am not disappointed – both as a Thesis User and Thesis Developer.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new in Thesis 1.7

Note: If you have a Thesis Developer License, you can download the Beta file here http://bit.ly/8ZVoqV

Better and Improved Options Management

The first thing you’ll notice on installing Thesis 1.7, is the additional option panels in your WordPress Dashboard and also (better) re-grouping of few existing options.

The earlier Thesis Options and Design Options are re-christened and re-grouped as – Site Options, Design Options and Page Options. The third option is something new, that helps you better control the configurations related to Pages.

Thesis Setting Export/Import

Good news for Thesis Developers!  Now you don’t have to worry about exporting/importing Thesis Theme settings – across the Development and Live Sites.

The new addition of ‘Manage Options’ (in the above snapshot) helps you seamlessly export or import the Thesis Theme Settings of any site.  So good bye to the ‘Thesis Export/Import Plugin’! (ooff, one less plugin!)

Better SEO – Control Robots File from within Thesis

As promised, here is a welcome feature on the SEO front.  Now you can control the Robot meta tags for your – Pages and Posts from the Thesis Administration Panel.

Also added is the support to include Canonical URLs for your site.  These are very welcome features!

Now you can control the Home Page Meta and Title Tags, from within Thesis -> Page Options. Very Nice!

Never Upload a Javascript Library

This is really cool for the developers!  You’ll never need to manually upload and use a Javascript Library, for the customization needs.

All popular JS libraries including – jQuery, Prototype, Scriptaculous etc., – are included and can be activated from the Thesis Administration Panel.  So you’ll never need anything out of this list.

You have an option to select one or more of these libraries for the site!  But make sure of library compatibilities, when planning to use multiple ones.

Word of Caution

Thesis Theme 1.7 is still in Beta and the Thesis Community Members on Twitter (#thesiswp) are coming up with some problems already – in terms to compatibility to their existing skins and customizations. Hopefully, these will be resolved as the Beta is transformed into a “production ready release”

Make sure NOT to install Thesis 1.7 Beta yet on Live Sites!

If you still don’t have a copy of the Marvelous Thesis Theme, Grab it here now!

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  1. Thesis never seems to die! Bit irrelevant.. but it's definitely an awesome product! :)

    Can't wait for thesis 2.0.. :D I know it's too early to think about it but 1.x (or say 1.7) is just an glimpse of what's in for 2.0 version. Cool!

  2. Yes even I am waiting for 2.0. With the updates in 1.6 and 1.7 – I am confident that it's going to be a fairly good release with many new features. Let's keep our fingers crossed :)

  3. i am expecting the version

  4. Hi! I simply love the new beta. Well, I experienced Chris Pearson's “betas” to be 99%-ready-versions of what is coming to us. Another great update, another big jump towards the WordPress Theme Throne ;-)

    Thanks for sharing, mentioned your post.

  5. Hey thanks. Yes the Beta is amazing and I couldn't just wait for 2.0 :)

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  7. Thanks for your review… Downloaded and installed the latest 1.7 version.
    I was amazed to see the features inside panels. Though some of the features seems to confuse me..
    But I’m sure their support forum is going to be very helpful..
    Few things which I like about this is
    I need less number of plugins
    SEO optimized
    Faster load time
    and ability to control the typography :)
    Installed Thesis Theme on my new blog and now need to redesign it..
    Customizing is easy if I would have color sense . thanks for sharing..


  1. Ashwin says:

    A Quick Peek in to Thesis 1.7 Beta http://bit.ly/9wTBAr #thesiswp #wordpress

  2. Richard Barratt says:

    A Quick Peek in to Thesis 1.7 Beta http://ow.ly/1kqoS #thesiswp

  3. Thesis 1.7 - (Beta) Feature List says:

    [...] A Quick Peek in to Thesis 1.7 Beta [...]


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