Get the Best of Twitter – in 2 simple ways!

Twitter is slowly but surely becoming a “Google” of ideas.  A wealth of information and ideas get into Twitter everyday and grasping even 1% of those is a gargantuan task. To better optimize your time and get the maximum information out of Twitter – I suggest you the following 2 simple ways:

Use Twittorati


Twittorati is a latest entrant into the array of Twitter based services.  But it is not just all about Twitter! In their own words:

Twittorati tracks the tweets from the highest authority bloggers, starting with the entire Technorati Top 100 and soon including many more of the web’s most influential voices.So if you start following Twittorati, then you can be rest assured to get the best of tweets from the best-in-class people.

I can already see some well known names like – Darren Rowse (ProBlogger), Michael Arrington (TechCrunch), Brian Clark (CopyBlogger), Pete Cashmore (Mashable) – whose tweets are featured in Twittorati.

Thus, Twittorati marks the consummation of Blogging and Tweeting.  In addition to reading the tweets, Twittorati helps you to:

  • Find the Top Links shared over Twitter
  • Find Top Blogs, based on their Technorati Authority
  • View Latest Photos shared around people’s chat

You can also choose to follow Twittorati on Twitter @twittoratinews

Follow the Twitter AllTop Site


Alltop is the brainchild of Guy Kawasaki and few more guys.  In their words – “Alltop is an online magazine rack of popular topics”.

In the same lines, Alltop for Twitter, is a magazine rack of popular and latest information from the Twitter world.  It ranges from information about Twitter to information shared on Twitter.

Make sure you bookmark this site and visit everyday – to be rest assured that you don’t miss anything important on Twitter.

I would strongly recommend these 2 resources, to get the best of twitter everyday.  Let me know if you find these useful.  Also, enlighten me with the other ways you may use to keep track of Twitter!

4 Handy Tools to post to Twitter as you surf [Twitter]

Do you surf the web a lot and love to post updates to Twitter on the run?  Then you must know the following browser-based tools because they make the job easy for you.

Friendbar (for Firefox)

twitpostbrowser_1Friendbar is by far the best browser-based Twitter tool I have come across.   But, the downside is its availability only for Firefox users.

You can install the addon from this location.

Once installed, this add-on creates a toolbar that stretches across the length of your browser window, just beneath the Bookmarks Toolbar.  In addition to Twitter, you can use Friendbar to post updates on your Facebook account.

You have an option to constantly preview the Twitter messages from those you follow, right on the Friendbar.  This is awesome because you get Twitter updates, just as you surf.  Once you decide to Twit on something, Friendbar has a prominent ‘Post’ button and also allows you to add a shortened URL of the current page.  Also you can Reply, Re-tweet or Send Direct Messages right from the Friendbar.

Twitthis (all browsers)


Twitthis is an easy way to send information on the web page you are reading, to all your Twitter followers.  Also, you can add Twitthis buttons on your web site or blog, for your readers to share it with their followers.

You can add the Twitthis bookmarklet on the Bookmarks Toolbar and Twit web pages on the run. 

Twitthis Bookmarklet (drag to your bookmarks toolbar)

Twshot (all browsers)


Twshot is another bookmarklet tool to post messages to Twitter. 

On clicking the bookmarklet, a popup window opens where you can post updates to Twitter.  You also have an option to add the URL of the current page and Twshot will help shorten it for you (to meet the 140 target !).

Twshot Bookmarklet (drag to your bookmarks toolbar)

Twitlet (all browsers)


Twitlet is a JavaScript bookmarklet tool to post updates to your Twitter account.

Once you give your Twitter Username and Password, Twitlet creates a bookmarklet which you can drag on to the bookmarks toolbar.

On clicking the bookmarklet, you get an alert like popup that is very minimal and easy to handle.  Also adding the URL of the current page to your tweet is optional.   You have to type in either #link or #this with your update, to include a “shortened version” of the current page URL. 

Hope you found these tools interesting… Now surf the web and tweet as you go !!