The First 2 Weeks with my MacBook Pro

Today marks the end of 2 Weeks, since I got my MacBook Pro and ditched my Dell Inspiron running Windows Vista!

I have been busy setting up the required software on my Mac and migrating (a lot of) stuff from my 2 years old Dell. Overall I am happy with the new baby and here are a few mentions about What I like with my Mac and What I miss…

What I Like

  • User Experience – There’s no match (in my opinion) to Apple when it comes to UX. I love the finish of my MacBook and the usability with OSX
  • Software Installation – Very Simple! No more hanging installations…
  • Universal Toolbar – Though I’m still getting used to it, I love it! Innovative and highly Usable
  • Trackpad Gestures – I am coming out of my Alt+Tab world and starting to use the Trackpad Gestures for switching Windows/Programs
  • Battery Life – Awesome it is! It gives me straight 6+ hours when full charged. Love it!
  • Applications – The Applications designed for Mac have the unique touch of “Apple” in them and they strive to provide the same UX as the MacBook. This makes almost all the Mac Applications Unique!

What I Miss

  • Windows Explorer – I am still getting used to the Mac Finder. But somehow I am inured to the Windows Explorer and having a tough time adapting…
  • Windows Live Writer – I am missing this Buddy of mine to publish Blog Posts. I am trying out MarsEdit & MacJournal, but definitely miss the Live Writer
  • MS Office – Though I don’t deal a lot with Office Documents, I find the gap when I try to open some .docx files my Clients send. Abiword gives up and Pages (Mac) can’t do much. Planning to get a copy of MS Office for Mac – but living with Google Docs until then

I am loving my MacBook Pro and OSX, but there are still reasons to miss my Vista-powered Dell Inspiron.

So are you a Windows-to-Mac immigrant? How do you feel about it? I would love to hear.

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