Establishing Your Freelance Niche Authority

This is the third post in the Series of Part Time Money Making! To view all posts in this Series, you can visit this page. I welcome your suggestions or opinions to make this Series more helpful to you.

Once you identify the Freelancing or Part Time Skill, the next step is to establish your Authority in the Skill (or Niche as I prefer to call it). Some people have a misconception that Authority comes with Time & Experience, but that’s not True. It is an essential part of your “Freelancing Bootstrap” and we will look at a few simple ways to establish the “Freelance Niche Authority”

What is Freelance Niche Authority?

A Niche, as Merriam Webster defines is a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted

Freelancing Niche is that area of the Work or Job that you have chosen for your Part Time Money Making. By establishing an Authority in the Freelancing Niche, you tell the world and most importantly the “prospective customers” that you are “One of the Best” in doing the Job.

Tip #1: Start Blogging

If you are not yet into (a bit of serious) Blogging, then get on to it immediately. In my next post I will show you how to get started with Blogging in almost less than an hour, but ingrain this in to your “Freelancing Part of the Brain” – Blogging is Essential to establish Freelance Niche Authority

Tip #2: Work on your Portfolio

Unless you show off some of your Best Work, no clients will sign up Big Projects with you. But… without Big Projects, how do you show off Best Work? It’s kinda chicken-and-egg problem. Some simple ideas are to Create Some Quality Personal Products, Volunteer to some Not-for-Profit and do some Projects at Low (or No) Cost etc.

I am planning a series of posts on this topic later, but understand that a “Good” Portfolio is essential to build your Freelance Business.

Tip #3: Get into Social Media

Social Media helps you with but not limited to:

  • Reach out to Prospective Networks
  • Keep the Networks Updated
  • Broadcast Business Offers and Services

Attach special focus to Twitter and Facebook, if you are confused where to start. Again, we will talk about these in the future posts.

Tip #4: Coach People

I hear you howling at me – How do I coach someone on Stuff that I am just starting with?

Just because you are starting doesn’t mean that you aren’t an Expert. If you have a good knowledge on the topic in hand, never hesitate to coach or help people learn it.

Your Blog is a good place to start coaching the readers. But remember, coaching is a very powerful technique to build Freelance Niche Authority

To Summarize

Follow these simple but powerful tips to Start establishing the Freelance Niche Authority:

  • Start Blogging
  • Work on your Porfolio
  • Get on Social Media
  • Coach People

We will talk about the Blogging part of it, in my next post probably just before the New Year. As I request you with my every post, don’t hesitate to discuss your ideas with me as comments to this post. I will make sure to read them.

Photo Credit:kevindooley on Flickr Creative Commons

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