Beware of these 3 Sales Paralysis!

Do you know that among 100% of the Prospective Internet Marketers, who dream and plan about a Product, just less than 10% Manage to get their First Product out?  This has absolutely nothing to do with their Capabilities or Skills in Building the Product and getting it out.  They are stung by these “3 Sales Paralysis”!

So what are these “3 Sales Paralysis”, that keeps more than 90% of Internet Marketers in coming out with a Product!

#1: The “Awesomeness” Paralysis

Awesome Products Sell.  There is no doubt about that, with anyone among us.  But it’s absolute NOT True, that “Only” Awesome Products Sell.

Your Product is NOT measured by:

How Awesome it is?

But, it is measured by:

The Usefulness.  The Value it adds to the Customer.  The Reliability.  The Stability and so on.

So you get this right?  Awesomeness is “awesome”.  But you don’t have to be Awesome to get your First Product out.

Get out of the “Awesomeness” Paralysis and start ticking off the Other Values your Product provide.

#2: The “Comparison” Paralysis

Whatever Market you are in, it is not the same anymore, as it was a Few Years ago.  There are many people creating Similar Products, almost every day and there is so much Competition out there.

It is natural to Compare your Products to that of the Competitors.  But don’t let this “take you down”.

For example, you come up with an Idea and Start Building your Product.  When you are half way through, an “unknown competitor” shelves out a Similar Product that attracts instant Buyers (at least you see the traction!).  It is possible, that you Start Comparing the Product with yours, try to get in Similar Features and sometimes, Start losing Motivation.

Never let this happen to you.

Use this Comparison in a Positive Way – to Polish and Fine Tune your Product.

Focus on your Product.  Use the Comparison to Fine Tune your Product.  But never let the “Comparison” Paralysis take you down!

#3: The “Analysis” Paralysis

I have this as the last one.  But in fact, this is the most Common Paralysis among the 90% of the “No Starters”.

You get an Idea.  You Analyze the Market.  You Analyze the Feasibility.  You Analyze the Customers.  Meanwhile, you get another “killer” Idea.  And the whole process starts again!

Does it sound like you?  Then you are a victim of the “Analysis” Paralysis!

Analysis is Essential.  But it should not happen for “ever”.  Analyze a few essential factors and then get on with the Next Steps.

If you are out of “Analysis” Paralysis, then chances are about 50% High that you will get the Product Out!

A Recap

Here are 3 Sales Paralysis that keep more than 90% of Prospective Internet Marketers (yes) out of the Market:

  • The “Awesomeness” Paralysis
  • The “Comparison” Paralysis
  • The “Analysis” Paralysis

Make sure not to be paralyzed by any of these!

What I want you to do?

  • Write just “One” thing that Prevents you from Creating your First Product – as a comment to this post
  • Also, write “One” more thing that can help you overcome the Hurdle and create your First Product – in your comment

An Example comment could be, I lack the Skills to Create this Product and an Online Training can solve my Problem

Looking forward to knowing about it and how I can help you!

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