One Essential Tip for Product Piloting Success!

Piloting a Product is the best way to Analyze the Depth of your Market.  It equips you with all that you need to know, about the Product you plan to create – Customers, Competition, Returns, Promotion, Marketing etc. But how to make sure your Pilot is a Success. 

Here is One Essential Tip, just for you!


Time is one critical factor with Piloting!

Piloting loses its value and significance, if you take ever to create the Pilot Product.  So the Mantra is…

Get out to Market, in Shortest Time Possible

So how do you Get there Real Quick?

Here are some ways to get things done fast.  Don’t worry, we’ll talk about each of them in detail during the coming days.

This is just a teaser!

  • Outsourcing – Find out a reliable Freelancer or Agency, who can do the job for you!  But be ready to spend a sizable amount of Money
  • Scope your Product – Pilot Product may not do everything, that your Final Product does.  Be intelligent enough to Scope only those features, that makes sense to Analyze the Market
  • Reduce Testing, but maintain Minimum Quality – Don’t spend a lot of time, effort and money in testing the Pilot Product.  Maintain Minimum Quality, to make sure your customers are not pissed off
  • Use Off-the-Shelf Solutions – Don’t try to build everything!  Wherever possible, try to use existing Products (free or premium) that can be put together to build your Product

What is your essential tip for Product Piloting Success?  Shoot your comments and I am all ears!

Photo Credit: jurvetson