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Thesis 1.7 has introduced a slew of New SEO Controls and Features. But do you know How to Use them? This Post will show you, How to Configure and Use everyone of them like a Pro! Understanding the Robot Tags The “Robots” Meta Tag gives you an opportunity to keep your Content out of [...]


Thesis Skins add Beauty to your already-Powerful Thesis Powered WordPress Blog.  Though any clean Thesis Skin come bundled with sufficient Installation information, this post will give you the basics to Install any Thesis Skin on your Blog. Prerequisites WordPress Thesis Theme (Licensed, of course! If you don’t have one, get it here) Usual Contents of [...]


A Quick Peek in to Thesis 1.7 Beta

by Ashwin on March 14, 2010

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Thesis 1.7 Beta was released last week, amidst enormous expectations and enthusiasm.  Being one among the crowd, I would say that I am not disappointed – both as a Thesis User and Thesis Developer. Let’s take a quick look at what’s new in Thesis 1.7 Note: If you have a Thesis Developer License, you can [...]


Sometime back, I wrote a post on how to turn your WordPress Blog into a Membership Site using Free Plugins.  Though it is sufficient for beginners, a fully-featured WordPress Membership Site requires much more than that! In this post, we will look a Premium and Highly Robust WordPress Membership Plugin – MagicMembers – and what [...]


Do a Google Search for “WordPress Membership Software” and you will find hundreds of results pointing to a wealth of paid & premium software. Most of them are great and powerful, like Wishlist Membership Plugin. But if your needs are simple like creating subscriptions and restricting access to few Posts/Pages – it is unnecessary to [...]


I was amazed by the Sales Pitch the Third Tribe Marketing team made.  It urged me to sign up for it immediately, once I read it.  That gave me the confidence, where I can learn some of these skills interacting with them. So what is Third Tribe? In my own words, Third Tribe marketers essentially [...]


The recent celebrities in the Social Web, are the Professional Bloggers.  They blog for others and grow themselves in the process.  Are you longing to be one?  But do you know that professional blogging can be really dangerous?  Read on to identify, if you are ready to get into this dangerous world of Professional Blogging.