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First of all, Thanks for taking time to be a reader at my Blog.

If this is the first post you are reading here, I would recommend you to check out the following – About and First Time Here?
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Use Thesis Multimedia Box as Affiliate Ads Rotator

Thesis Theme has a nice little Multimedia box, that can be put to use for various purposes.  In this post, I will show you how it can be used as your Affiliate Ads rotator.

And that without writing any code in the Custom files!
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The Client Machine – A New WordPress Theme!

Here is an incredible WordPress 3.0 Theme just released by FreelanceFolder and you are going to love it as a Freelancer!  And, it’s called the Client Machine!

What’s so cool about this Theme? Read on to find about it.
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Have WordPress Questions? Your Answer is here!

Ever encountered a situation where you were scouting for WordPress developers to solve a problem in hand?  Ever spent hundreds of dollars in getting an answer for otherwise simple WordPress problem?  Your life is about to become simpler.
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Understand the Evolution of your Blog

Evolution, as with everything else is life, is very applicable to your well deserved Blog. In this post, you will find out the different stages of your Blog’s Evolution and what should be your focus areas at each of them.
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What’s New in Thesis Theme 1.8?

It’s time to embrace another version of the Thesis Theme and things just get better with each one.  Here’s a peek review on What’s New with the Thesis Theme 1.8.
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Expanding my Boundaries with Genesis Theme

About 3 years back, I knew nothing about WordPress.  It all started with an obsession to Blogging and I began learning WordPress as an end-user.  With a Programming background, I could not help but start exploring the code and getting my hands dirty.

Towards the middle of 2009, I got myself a copy of Thesis Theme for WordPress (affiliate link) and things change thereafter.  I started creating Custom Skins and accepting Customization Projects – and thus started my Freelancing journey.  Currently, I am pretty good at Thesis Theme Customization and if you don’t believe, you might want to take a look at my Portfolio Site.

Taking another leap into WordPress Theme Frameworks, I am getting into Genesis Theme for WordPress.  I am learning bits and pieces of it.  As a result, you will start finding Genesis Theme Tutorials at Thoughts Unlimited and I will soon being taking Genesis Child Theme Projects.

Thanks for all the support by you readers.  Keep watching and you have lots to learn!

11 Tips for Improving your Keyboard Typing Skills

Typing is a necessary business and personal skill. There is tweeting, blog posting, forum responding and more. At their foundation, there is typing. Here are some tips and resources to help you get up to the typing speed that you desire.
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10 Online Communities Where You Can Learn From Other Bloggers

Source: ItzaFineDay

As a blogger, you have quite a number of responsibilities. You need to provide great content, have a visually appealing site, and somehow get visitors to your blog. Fortunately, there are others who are in the same situation. Here are ten places to find help for your blogging and internet marketing.

1. Create Blog Forums

Get information about Xanga, Blogger, Myspace, Livejournal and Friendster on these forums. You can also receive graphics assistance and design assistance. You can also talk about items and events which are not related to blogging, like music and television shows.

2. Digital Marketing on LinkedIn

This group was intended for professionals who want to learn more about internet marketing and ecommerce. They discuss the practices over SEM, SEO, PHP and email marketing within their field.

3. Bloggeries

This site encourages people to be active in the forums by sharing half of the Adsense revenues with the creator of the thread. You can talk about finding the best WordPress theme, SEO, SEM and social media in these active forums. There is even an area where you can buy, sell and trade blogs.

4. Blogging Tips

This is one of the smaller blogging forums on the web, but it provides a chance for you to be part of an engaged and active community. With 127 active members, there are still thousands of posts which may provide you the answers that you are seeking.

5. Digital Point

This is a gargantuan site which is devoted to making money on the internet through blogging and other methods. If you have something that you need answered, look through their forums and there is probably an answer or information available.

6. Professional Bloggers on LinkedIn

The Professional Bloggers group on LinkedIn was founded by Darren Rowse, the founder of It is intended for those who want to learn about the business of blogging. This LinkedIn group will teach you the basics of blogging and generating traffic for your site.

7. Bloggst

At Bloggst, you can submit your blog’s feed to the site and they will broadcast any updates that you make. The more people who know about your site, the more popular your blog becomes in Google’s eyes. There are thousands of participants on this forum to interact with.

8. Blog Catalog

Blog Catalog is one of the largest blogging sites in the world. Submit your site to the catalog, and it immediately becomes available on their site. There are people from all walks of life, including those with your interests. Blog Catalog encourages people to look at their groups section to find others of like mind.

9. Authority Blogger

On Authority Blogger, there are threads for everything having to do with blogging. You can find bloggers to write your posts as well as bond with the other subscribers.

10. Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum has been around for twelve years and has a thriving membership. The members are centered around internet marketing, including article marketing, affiliate marketing, ad networks, SEO marketing and much more. This is the forum to join if you are serious about monetizing your blog.

With the variety of places to go, you can find a place to call home. You want a forum or group that is friendly and welcoming, one that makes you feel at home. Good luck!

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