MagicMembers – A Premium WordPress Membership Plugin

by Ashwin on March 13, 2010

MagicMembers Wordpress Membership Plugin

Sometime back, I wrote a post on how to turn your WordPress Blog into a Membership Site using Free Plugins.  Though it is sufficient for beginners, a fully-featured WordPress Membership Site requires much more than that!

In this post, we will look a Premium and Highly Robust WordPress Membership Plugin – MagicMembers – and what it has to offer.

About Magic Members

MagicMembers is a Premium WordPress Membership Plugin that turns your WordPress Blog in to a fully featured Membership Site

Highlights of the Product

  • Multiple Membership Levels – You can choose to have Gold Members, Silver Members, Bronze Members and what not!
  • Flexible Membership Options – Choose to create Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Annual Subscriptions for your Members.  So they have all the flexibility to pay you
  • Payment Options – Choose popular Payment Options for your Membership site like PayPal, ClickBank & WorldPay, thus helping your customers choose an option of their choice
  • Unlimited Coupon Creation – Create Promotional Coupons and boost your sales.  There is no limit!
  • Login Redirection – Use different and custom login pages for each of your Membership Levels
  • Partial Content Display – Easily choose what your Paid and Public Members will see!
  • Pay-per-Post Access – Also enable your readers to pay per post or article, thus allowing free memberships to purchase articles on per post basis
  • Secure RSS Access – Make sure that your Members have easy access to RSS Feeds while others are not
  • Protect Downloads – Protect your Download Files for Member Access and restrict it for non-Members

Help & Support

A Purchase of the MagicMembers Product, will automatically enrol your for the following benefits:

  • Free Video Training and Tutorials
  • Free Screenshots and Support Guides
  • Free Unlimited Updates
  • Free Unlimited Support


MagicMembers WordPress Membership Plugin is very reasonably priced.  You can choose one among these 3 options:

All Licenses are eligible for the Help & Support, as described in the previous section.

So what are you waiting for?  Go grab your copy of MagicMembers WordPress Membership Plugin now!

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  • Ashwin
    Thanks Sunny. Glad to find that the post helped you :)
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    i like your post. i think this plugin will be most important plugin and also very helpful
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