How to stick with your Money Resolutions in the New Year?

by Ashwin

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Money related resolutions are very popular in the new year.  Everyone wants to get out of debt, everyone wants to reduce their expenses and everyone loves to create an additional source of income.  In this post, I will show you 2 online tools, that will help you maintain your Money Resolutions this new year.


xpenser This is an extremely simple but powerful tool to manage all your expenses, with their receipts (if any).  The major strength of Xpenser comes from its support of variety of channels – to record expenses.

You can record expenses to your account, in one of the following ways:

  • Direct Entry on Xpenser Online Tool
  • Send your Expense Details from a registered Email
  • Send the details from SMS/Text Messaging (carrier charges will still apply)
  • Send Expense Information as a Twitter Direct Message to Xpenser
  • Send the details via Instant Messaging
  • Speak about your expense after setting up a Voice account….

One other key feature with Xpenser, is the ability to use variety of Currencies and the accurate conversion it provides.  I find this feature missing in many other Personal Finance tools – which are biased toward USD.

Xpenser FAQ is the best place to get an answer for most of your questions.  Try out this sweet little tool and I am sure you will not regret!


pocketsmith PocketSmith is an online money management tool – that is not very simple to use but its strength lies elsewhere.

It is a web based tool not only to record your expenses/income, but also forecasts your future cash position.  This tool helps you manage all the cash-flow in a calendar format – that is very intuitive and easy to visualize.

Some of the features of the tool include:

  • Set and achieve your Financial goals
  • Compare your Budget with the actuals
  • Integrates with your Back Accounts
  • PocketSmith calendar can be connected with Google Calendar

You can know more about PocketSmith here.  Though the Free version of the tool will suffice most of your financial needs, they also have Paid Flavors for needy users.

These 2 tools, when used with purpose can help you stick with your Money Resolutions this New Year.  However, to make these Resolutions a success – one has to develop a sense of money discipline – which no tool can help and must come from within!  Good luck this New Year and may you Grow Richer!

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