An Internet Product Launch Checklist

by Ashwin on March 3, 2010

in Internet Marketing

Are you launching an Internet Product?  Just use this checklist to determine if you have done all the ground work.

  • Do you know the exact Market Segment for your Product?
  • Do you have the list of Competitive Products already out in the Market?
  • If Yes to previous question, How will your product stand out?
  • How many “sure shot” Customers will buy your product, after the launch?
  • Does your Market know that you are launching a Product for them?
  • Are You talking about the Product in your Blog, Twitter and Facebook?
  • Are Others talking about the Product in their Blog, Twitter and Facebook?
  • Have you done some Market Research before Pricing your Product?
  • Is there an Active Mailing List (owned by you) to spread word about the Product?
  • Do you have a Facebook Page for your Product?
  • Do you have a Twitter Account for your Product, with custom background and icons?
  • Do you have a tentative deadline, when will you Break Even?
  • What is the Fallback Strategy, if the Product launch fails (or doesn’t meet the expectations) ?
  • Do you have an “Elite Set” of Release audience (in your Niche) who can try and testify your Product?
  • Is the Support Framework in place? (this is critical, if your Product becomes more popular than expected)

So what else you think should be on the checklist?  Shoot your thoughts…

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