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Internet Marketing

10 Tips for Making an Effective Sales Pitch

Landing page should provide a clear and compelling reason to buy your product. That sales pitch should turn your passive users into active customers who interact with and enjoy the merchandise that you sell. Here are some tips to create a more effective online sales pitch

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Page/Do Landing Pages

Page/Do – Landing Pages for Everyone

Creative and Clean Landing Pages are becoming a norm to sell Products, Services or anything Good. Many people spend Time, Effort and Money to Build Landing Pages that sell. Here is a tool to build them in minutes, for much higher quality at a much lesser cost!

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An Internet Product Launch Checklist

Are you launching an Internet Product?  Just use this checklist to determine if you have done all the ground work. Do you know the exact Market Segment for your Product? Do you have the list of Competitive Products already out in the Market? If Yes to previous question, How will your product stand out? How [...]

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Attributes of Third Tribe Marketers – Are you there yet?

I was amazed by the Sales Pitch the Third Tribe Marketing team made.  It urged me to sign up for it immediately, once I read it.  That gave me the confidence, where I can learn some of these skills interacting with them. So what is Third Tribe? In my own words, Third Tribe marketers essentially [...]

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