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“Starring” favorite pages in Firefox 3

Ardent Google Reader and GMail users must be familiar with “starring” items. This is primarily used to “star” favorite posts or emails, to be read later and remove the “star”, once they’ve been read. So “starring” works more like a temporary bookmark.
How would you extend this concept to “starring” Web pages? Firefox [...]

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Sliderocket moves into Zeta mode!

Sliderocket, a Flex based online Presentation tool, is moving away from Beta version to a paid service. They call it Zeta mode, where existing users or new users can Sign up for a fully enabled Trial Version, free for 30 days (without any Credit Card information).
Sliderocket is very elegant, with RIA features inherited from [...]

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Capgemini and Amazon WS collaborate on the cloud

Such a collaboration was waiting to happen. Many of us were right in assuming that Cloud Computing might be the way that the organizations would go, during economic downturn. Capgemini is taking a step in the right direction, by building expertise to deploy enterprise services on the cloud.
Capgemini has announced a collaboration with [...]

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Branding yourself for the tough times

Times are tough and everyone knows it. I have tried to identify a few points, that one must consider. I would rather recommend these to be a part of your Personal Brand, rather than as tactics during difficult times.

Crib about your current employer or current job using social media like Blogs, Facebook etc.
Actively [...]

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Inspirational Posts – #1

I happened to read this post at Sramana Mitra’s blog –
Inspirations from persons of Steve Jobs’ stature are essential during these tough times. Thanks to Sramana Mitra for sharing this post with us.

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Sniff your friends

Useful Networks, a mobile software company operating in UK and Scandinavian region, has come up with a product that enables you to “sniff” your facebook and other social networking friends, in real time. As the product web page claims:
sniff lets you instantly locate your friends in real-time, anytime, anyplace, using your mobile phone.
As you [...]

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Yahoo! Deals

Yahoo! Shopping have come up with a beta service – Yahoo! Deals. As Yahoo! puts it – Yahoo! Deals is an ideal tool for the shopping season, when economy is slumping and consumers are turning to online purchases, for better deals.
Following are the features of Yahoo! Deals in short:
Daily Deals – A Mash up [...]

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RSS Subscribers and Blog Visitors

I was reading a post by Darren Rowse, analyzing the effect that RSS Readers have on the blog visitors.
I agree with him and following is my take on this topic.
1. Build a Community, forget the Traffic
One can have about 100 readers, visiting their blog but they may all be one-off readers. They find [...]

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Online File Storage Series – #1 Mediafire

This is the first post in the series, that analyzes various file storage services available over the web. Main focus will be on those services, that offer more reliable and flexible options for both professional and casual users.

Mediafire allows users to store files and images. These resources can be securely accessed over the [...]

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