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Tips for Better Email Management with Gmail

Using a Gmail Account these days, is commonplace.  Now everyone of us have it!  Do you know some really cool ways to better manage your emails, with Gmail?  Read on to know them.  All Simple but effective! Canned Responses A Labs feature, that helps you save and reuse the content of mails.  In the feature [...]

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Why should you try Readtwit?

If you are an RSS freak and looking to get Twitter content that has links in them, into your RSS Reader, then Readtwit is the right tool for you.  Read on to know why should you definitely try Readtwit! What is Readtwit? Readtwit is a Twitter-based tool that parses your Twitter feed and provides it [...]

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4 ways to use your Email for Social Networking

Email still continues to be one of the widest used and easier to learn tool around the web.  In this post, I will show some ways to use your email with social networking tools. 1. Posterous Posterous is a very powerful tool to post things using Email.  It is very simple to get started: Sign [...]

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An Old Car

What to do with your Old Blog Posts that Died without Readers?

I have many blog posts in my archives, that are good to read but unfortunately failed without any visits.  I am sure you too have a few of them, that were deprived of attention they deserve.  So are they really dead?  What can you do with such posts?

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5 Success Tips to start making money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of main sources of income for Professional bloggers.  If Affiliate Marketing is a jargon to you, I would recommend the following sources of knowledge to learn more about it – What is Affiliate Marketing? (by Problogger) and Make Money Online eBook by John Chow.  But unfortunately, many Bloggers fail with Affiliate [...]

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Twitter tips for greater success and happy followers

I know what you are thinking.  This topic has been debated around the blogosphere, for a while now.  Why another post?  Because, still I find many Twitter users don’t make the full use of a powerful platform.  This post is a collection of “straight to the point” tips on making your Twitter life better. 1.  [...]

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How Power Twitter enhances your Twitter Web experience?

Do you love to update or access Twitter over the web?  Are you a Firefox moron?  Then, grab the Power Twitter add-on, as it wonderfully enhances your Web Twitter experience. Install Power Twitter Power Twitter is a Firefox add-on and it works with Firefox versions 1.5 – 3.5.  The current version as on 11 August [...]

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Utilizing the Power of “Retweet”

          Going through a post in Mashable, I noticed this cute little Twitter gadget that shows the number of times the item has been “tweeted”. But another cool part is that – it offers you to “Retweet” it right away by giving a link just below the count.  If you are [...]

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How to find your leaders on Twitter? [Twitter]

Much has been talked on getting more followers, retaining your followers and blah, blah, blah… But in this post, you will find ways to locate people on Twitter, who are worthy following.  I prefer to call them your Leaders (in a linguistic sense) on Twitter, whom you choose to follow!!  Because who you follow, determines [...]

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