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Leapfish is another multi engine search tool, that helps you search across Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Though it is very similar to already popular portal like Dogpile.com, Leapfish’s hyper-threading technology to use search engine API’s makes is really fast.  Leapfish goes a step ahead of Google’s Autocomplete and provides you wish search results, as you type in the search keywords.

Alongside with the regular search results, Leapfish shows a few search widgets like News, Videos and Images with related content.


















Search results are grouped under – Web Results and Blog Results –  where blog results come from the Google Blog Search

Though Leapfish is nothing so innovative in terms of usability, I love the speed and the simplicity with this tool. 

Note: Just as Leapfish doesn’t use the search keyword in the URL query string, it is not really possible to add it as a search engine with Google Chrome.  I see this as a major drawback.

To know how to use multiple search engines with Google Chrome, read my post here.

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