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January 2009

Leapfish : A Fast Multi-Engine Search [Search Tools]

Leapfish is another multi engine search tool, that helps you search across Google, Yahoo and MSN. Though it is very similar to already popular portal like, Leapfish’s hyper-threading technology to use search engine API’s makes is really fast.  Leapfish goes a step ahead of Google’s Autocomplete and provides you wish search results, as you [...]

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Google Toolbar 5 for FF brings a leaf from Chrome’s book [Browser Tips]

If you had installed Google Toolbar 5 (BETA) for Firefox, you must have noticed a new feature that mimics Google Chrome. On opening a new tab, you can see the thumbnails of most visited sites, just as you would do in Google Chrome.  You also have easy access to ‘Recently Closed Tabs’ and ‘Recent Bookmarks’. [...]

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Mobile World Congress 2009 : Follow on Thoughts Unlimited!!

Much awaited Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2009, is happening in Barcelona from 16-19 February.  MWC is sure to attract technology and business professionals, from various areas like mobile operators, equipment vendors and Internet companies.  With about 50,000 attendees, one can expect them to showcase the latest and greatest in the mobile space. You can follow [...]

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TechCrunch’s Arrington takes leave of absence [Tech News]

Michael Arrington, founder of the popular technology blog TechCrunch, will be taking leave of absence for an unplanned period.  The reason he cites, varies from physical and verbal abuse, including a threat to his life.  As per his blog post, Arrington is tired on being targeted by startups who aren’t noticed by TechCrunch or fellow [...]

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TripIt API released – First Open Travel Itinerary [Programming API]

Travel itinerary and trip planning service, TripIt announced the availability of their API (Application Programming Interface) on 26 January 2009.  This opens up opportunities for software developers to create travel applications using TripIt API.  TripIt is an open platform that supports bookings from over 300 travel sites and also works with partners like Microsoft and [...]

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Things to know once you have the Twitter Account [Twitter]

You have created a Twitter account and started following a few.  So now what?  In this post, I will share with you a few tips on getting started with Twitter, so that can you can make full use of this powerful tool. What is Twitter? Twitter is a micro-blogging tool.  It is unlike a instant [...]

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Windows 7 Beta download closing shortly [Beta Software]

It is official now! Windows 7 Beta download will be closing shortly in 3 phases. January 27th – Users will get a warning that Windows 7 Beta download will start closing down shortly. Those who have not initiated the download and need Windows 7 Beta, must start on this date February 10th – New downloads [...]

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Write Pretty Code snippets in your Blog with SyntaxHighlighter WP plugin [Blogging Tips]

Do you regularly write blog posts in WordPress, that contains huge number of code snippets? If yes, read on and I will show you how to make them pretty and usable with the SyntaxHighlighter plugin. Step 1 : Download the SyntaxHighlighter WP Plugin SyntaxHighlighter is an open-source syntax highlighter written using JavaScript. You can view [...]

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IBM and Sun into the Restructuring Act [Layoff News]

Software Services giant IBM is rumored to have silently laid off about 2,800 of its employees in North America.  Most of these employees appear to belong to IBM’s software, sales and distribution departments.  IBM might layoff more employees at their facilities in Poughkeepsie and East Fishkill, N.Y., and Burlington, Vt., this week.  You can read the [...]

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