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December 2008

Google Product Ideas : Where Ideas evolve…

Do you have productive ideas for Google Products? Do you want Google to hear them? Here comes, Google Product Ideas. Right now Google Product Ideas is open to Google Mobile Users, who have innovative ideas and love to visualize them. It may not just be a brand new idea; you can use this channel to [...]

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Android Market in 2009

There is a lot to expect in the New Year, with reference to Android Market. As announced earlier, Android Market will soon allow developers to sell their applications.  This is expected in the Q1 time frame of 2009.   The payment agreement as per the official post, would be 70:30;  developers getting the major share and [...]

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Blogging Resolutions for 2009

First things first – Wish you all the readers, a very happy and productive New Year! I have a regular habit of coming up with attractive new year resolutions, but find it really tough to achieve them.  So, one of my resolution is always to – Achieve all other resolutions Here is the list of [...]

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Things to AVOID, once your Blog is established

You have a blog, it is popular and boasts of over 1000 subscribers. Now What? Make sure you don’t make any of the following mistakes, which might affect your blog’s popularity and reputation. 1. Change the Permalinks Structure A Permalink or a Permanent Link is an unique URL to any blog entry that you make. [...]

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Windows 7 : Crash handling

Such a crash alert cannot be a surprise for a long time Windows user. This is how Windows has been traditionally handling unexpected application crashes. Thankfully, Windows 7 may put an end to this unhelpful way of reporting errors. Following is an example Windows 7 Crash alert: In Windows 7, one can expect an option [...]

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IBM Blue Spruce

IBM is working actively on Blue Spruce, a fully browser based application development platform. To be precise, IBM is NOT working on a brand new browser but on a platform for developing and delivering applications through the existing browsers. This is a direct challenge to Microsoft’s Silverlight and Adobe’s AIR platforms, that aim to bring [...]

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BrowserShots – Test your website appearance across OS and Browsers

Every web developer must have confronted with the need to test the – layout, appearance and behavior – of their web site across Operating systems and browsers. Though the behavior testing requires the physical installation of the browser, the appearance and layouts can be easily tested using BrowserShots, an open source initiative. BrowserShots takes in [...]

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Windows 7 : Accessibility Improvements

Windows 7 can be expected to have huge improvements, on the accessibility front.  You can read the official post here, on the accessibility features with Windows 7. In summary: UI Automation framework introduced with Windows Vista, has been greatly improved.  Now, the UI Automation and the legacy Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) system combine together with [...]

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