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Top 5 events - the year ‘2007′ will remind me…

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Probably my last post for 2007.  I am jotting down the top 5 things, that strike me, when I think of 2007.

PSLV Launch by ISRO in January

Laudable mission, achieved yet again by ISRO.  This launch proved that ISRO can get into the commercial satellite launching business, which will be a huge boost in the investment, this space research organization gets.

Cricket World cup - India rising from the ashes

Indians remind me of the Phoenix, in the real sense.  Highly criticized for their premature exit in the 2007 World Cup,  Indians came back too strong, by winning the 2007 Twenty-20 World cup.  To add to that, India found out an young and energetic leader, in the form of MS Dhoni.

Indo-US Nuclear Treaty

This is one of the highly debated political issue of the year.  Lots of views, both for and against this treaty, went in the air.  Ruling party is supporting this treaty, with their control of the center very much at stake.  I believe this debate would continue, moving into 2008 too.

Dr. APJ Kalam’s tenure ends

Dr. APJ Kalam is one of those rarest persons, who is genuinely intellectual, having down-to-the-earth  attitude.  It was a pleasure for all the Indians, to have him as the First Citizen of India.  Was grief stricken, when his tenure ended in July this year.

Bhutto assassination

The year ends with a inhumane tragedy.  Bhutto, returned to Pakistan after an 8 year exile, was assassinated in a public rally.  This raises serious doubts on, whether democracy would ever return to Pakistan.  All said, it is a great loss for PPP and Pakistan.  Keeping my fingers crossed on the future of Pakistan…

Readers are welcome to add more events, as comments to this post…

Wishing all the readers, a very happy and prosperous 2008!!

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Making yourself ’sellable’

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Would you like to spend say 20k (which is less than a regular notebook price) for a Notebook with a configuration of say, Pentium III 700 MHz?  Or would you rather spend some 10k more to get a Notebook with the latest configuration?

I think many of us would prefer the second option.  Because the former is not ’sellable’ any more!!  I am trying to use this analogy, with ourselves as the outdated Notebooks and our (prospective) employers as the buyers.

Longer you dwell with a particular technology or a product, more the expertise you gain.  But does that expertise makes you sellable, say in another 2/5/10 years of time frame? Or is there anything else that needs to be done?

So keep asking the question to yourself periodically (say every 1 or 2 years): Does my current skill set, expertise and experience make me a ’sellable’ commodity in the market?  What can I do to myself, for the prospective buyers or the current owners to be interested in me?

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CVS !!

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I am pretty new to CVS.  Had some online tutorials which gave me the basic commands and the overall organization of the CVS.

One of the interesting and important feature of CVS, is to have multiple developers working simultaneously on the artifacts.  I was looking for some good resource over the web on understanding this and found this one really good on “Modify - Update - Resolve conflicts - Commit - Repeat” model.

Hope this helps to all newbies of CVS :)

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Superstar turns 57!

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Yesterday it was festival time in Tamil Nadu, particularly Chennai!  Shows to wish thalaivar in almost all FM radio channels; TV channels telecasting thalaivar’s hits; Posters and banners at all major points; Calendar sheet showing that it was indeed thalaivar’s birthday :)
I have always loved Rajnikanth, especially for his style, charisma and personality.  His movies off late, are creating huge expectations among the masses and rarely disappoint the producers.  I look up to him as a very natural example of the ‘rags to riches’ story, a role that he plays in almost all his movies :).  People of Tamil Nadu treat his birthday as an occasion to celebrate, a status generally accorded to the politicians.  But Rajnikanth is far above the politicians, as his fans are spread across different political clouts.  His simplicity and philanthropy, are highly paradoxical to his social status.

I wish our ‘thalaivar’ many more happy years and keep giving us the ‘rocking entertainment’, year after year!

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Into a new place!!

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Past couple of months were pretty hectic.  Did not really find time to post entries in my blog or to get into the Google reader (unread posts over 3000 ).

Finally, I decided to take one of the opportunities I got for my career change.  Had really a tough time deciding on the opportunities, due to various pros and cons in each of them.  And my final decision enabled me to get back to Chennai.  Slowly settling down at the new work place!!  New office, new people, new project, new technologies, new domain but the same old city :)
Trying to adapt myself to the change and hoping to come out good.  Wish me good luck guys!!

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