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Here I am with another edition of the Blog Achievers Series!  I am happy to interview Pradeep of, who is in College pursuing his Degree and running a Highly Successful Blog.  In addition, he also runs a WordPress Freelancing Business and I am sure his Blog has helped him make a Good Money!

He is definitely an inspiration to all those budding Bloggers out there, who are looking to Start and Blog in a Big Way.  I enjoyed Interviewing him and I hope you find it interesting to know about his Journey so far!

The Interview

Ashwin: Hello Pradeep! Nice to have you here at BigSalesCoach. Can you Introduce yourself and your Blog to our readers?

Pradeep: I am S.Pradeep Kumar, Founder and CEO of HellBound Bloggers (HBB). Am a part time blogger, freelancer, consultant, typical engineering student and a recent Open Source Addict.

HBB is about Technology, Blogging, Product/Website Reviews, Social Media and Tutorials. Almost covers all the major technical topics on the web.

Ashwin: What are 3 Key Techniques you use to attract Quality Traffic to your Blog?

Pradeep: Unfortunately I learned how to treat my blog properly only after 5-6 months after launching my blog. The techniques am using till now are :

1. Commenting : Normally branded comments on branded blogs/websites brings good no. of visitors. I tried this trick, and worked fantastic.

2. Guest Articles : Backlinks + Targeted Traffic. What else you can expect? ;)

3. Social Media : Even for Social Media, I came to know the power of it after several months. Facebook and Twitter are the top referral sites for me.

Ashwin: That’s great to know. Can you Share when and how did Your Blog Start Making Money?
Pradeep: Since I didn’t know the fact that I can earn some hard bucks through my blog, I didn’t care about it. But all of a sudden, I got an Email from a lady, requesting me to do a sponsored review.

That was the beginning, I even have that Email safe with me.. :D

And after that I monetized my blog with some direct ads, Adsense, TechnoratiMedia and others.

Ashwin: What are the Additional Channels or Prospects that Your Blog opened up for You?

Pradeep: I started HBB at the age of 17 I believe and I had no intention, no aim, nothing on my mind. Just wanted to share something I know, and it later developed into a web community.

Ashwin: What are your 3 Tips to anyone Starting with Professional Blogging and looking to Make Money?

Pradeep: #1 – Forget the money factor – Just blog and do your best, and then money flows.

#2 – Choose the right niche – Think twice and decide which platform you are talented in.

#3 – Encourage others to blog – Maybe your school or college mates.

Ashwin: Great! Thanks Pradeep for all your time and I am sure our Readers will benefit from your Blogging Tips and Experience

Hey Reader, I am sure you must have enjoyed this Interview. Young Bloggers achieving a Lot, is a Great Motivation for all of us and we should learn some good lessons from these Blog Achievers! Signing off, until I see you in another Edition of the Blog Achievers!

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  1. Gouthaman Karunakaran

    That was an interesting interview. Pradeep is interviewed a lot these days.

  2. The interview was very interesting. It has brought out the drive, enthusiam and the real passion of the young blogger in a really inspiring way.

    Thanks for sharing it.


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