Planning to spend $$ on WordPress Membership Software? Read this first

Do a Google Search for “WordPress Membership Software” and you will find hundreds of results pointing to a wealth of paid & premium software. Most of them are great and powerful, like Wishlist Membership Plugin. But if your needs are simple like creating subscriptions and restricting access to few Posts/Pages – it is unnecessary to shell out 100$+ on these software. I will show you 2 simple and FREE plugins that can do the trick!
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Mobilizing your WordPress Blog

With sophisticated mobile phones with full scale internet access entering the market, people accessing the web through these gadgets have grown in number. It is not really possible for every non-techie blogger to make his Blog mobile friendly. For those who wish to make their Blog mobile friendly without extra hassles of a custom domain name and effort, Mofuse offers an easy solution.

In this post, I will help you to mobilize your WordPress blog, all for FREE!

1. Navigate to and enter the Blog URL that you wish to mobilize

2. Complete the registration process and choose a Mobile address for your website. This will be on the sub domain of Mofuse – something like

3. Once done, you can download the WordPress plugin from Mofuse website

4. Install this plugin into your WordPress blog

5. Configure this plugin as a WordPress administrator. Enter the Mobile address of your website (configured in Step 2) and enable automatic redirection

6. Once done, any access to your Blog URL from a mobile device will be redirected to the Mobilized version

7. You can easily test how your site looks on a mobile phone, right from your browser. Navigate to and enter your Blog URL – like

8. That’s it and you are done!!

Check the quality of the mobilized version of your blog, by testing it with
You can find many essential reports there.

Hope you found this useful.

For some more options on mobilizing your blog, you can read the post from Digital Inspiration here.