Weekend Wrapup: Interesting Reads for the Weekend 11/21

Here is a wrap up of all interesting reads I had during the week ending 11/20.

I am gathering all of them in a single place, for you to Read and Enjoy them during the Weekend!  Happy Reading!

Tech and Mobile

Irrationality, Welcome Back to Silicon Valley http://wp.me/p10LZV-15nJ

Boxcar 4.0 Pushes iPhone Notifications To The Next Level http://tcrn.ch/btTRwy

Is the new MacBook Air eating into iPad sales? http://t.co/L92EYEY

Sencha Launches Touch 1.0 with A New Price-Point: Free http://t.co/3cGzHuS

Wozniak: Android Will Dominate iOS http://bit.ly/cCvbIr

HTML5 vs Native Apps http://t.co/Go0u1yG

Why Samsung’s Bada Could Win Big http://t.co/Ww45fDn

Google Engineer Wants You to Hack Microsoft’s Kinect http://t.co/a7XJcLa

How to Install Android on an iPhone in Six Easy Steps http://t.co/4mxwW7v

Internet and Social Media

New Twitter Now Showing Full Conversations In The Side Pane http://t.co/FNwCzTY

The Truth About Getting Rich Quick http://bit.ly/9A9Is4

Meet The New New Facebook http://t.co/ntlBjfP

The Social Media Method for Diabetes Care http://t.co/OGSeCWZ

Social & Others

See how 10 social investors from across the world are helping Reena in her business http://goo.gl/8vDBk Discover social investing on Rang De

The Future of Indian Technology http://t.co/1e79Mhp

GiveIndia Blog – Confessions of a donor http://bit.ly/auECtw

Gaon Ki Awaaz: News in your Hands http://goo.gl/fb/ch3Fu

How Defining Your Ideal Project Can Improve Your Freelancing Business http://bit.ly/9JMIzB