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Manage your thoughts – right on your desktop!

Thoughts are very powerful – only if they blossom into something tangible.  How many times you came across an innovative or revolutionary idea, just to forget it an hour later? I don’t know about you, but I deal with this situation very often.  That is why, I use the following simple but very powerful tools [...]

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Setup Google AdSense for Search for your site in 5 minutes [Blogging]

Google AdSense for Search is a great way to setup custom search on your blog – powered by Google – and make advertising money out of it.  If you are running a blog and not yet part of Google AdSense, I would strongly advise you to get started here.
1. Setup Google AdSense for Search
Once you [...]

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Fastest way to open your favorite Sites from Firefox [FF Add-on of the week]

You have so many of your favorite sites bookmarked in Firefox. Alright! But this efficient add-on helps you navigate to these favorites using few shortcut keys.
SiteLauncher Add-on
Using some predefined or custom-defined hotkeys, SiteLauncher brings you all the favorite sites that can be chosen for launch.

You can install the add-on from here –
A small preview
SiteLauncher [...]

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links for 2009-06-12

Windows 7 Themes | Windows 7 News

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BITS and IAS – A nice combo!!

I learned through my friend Tub (Balajikumara) about a few well known Bitsians making it to the top in the UPSC Civil Services examinations.  Bitsians have left their mark all over and IAS cannot be an exception.
You can read more about this here –
It is heartening to see so many great minds coming up [...]

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Firefox Prism – I love it so much!!

I heard about Prism sometime back, but did not manage to try it until I read this post from Digital Inspiration.
Prism helps you create desktop shortcuts for your favorite websites, so that you can access them much like the regular desktop applications (Gears, eh!).  I love it primarily for a single reason – the minimalist [...]

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Save More Money with these 10 Real Time tips

If you are part of the Corporate World and depend on it for your “bread and butter”, then this is a must read post. Provided you aren’t living under the caves, “credit crunch” must have found a place in your day-to-day vocabulary. There is RECESSION! Companies are trying all means to cut [...]

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Clubhouse – Make your Windows Blog popular [Blogging]

If you write a lot about Windows and Windows Live in your blog, then you should definitely consider joining the Clubhouse.
Clubhouse is a community that promotes Windows blog posts from all over the blogosphere.  All a blogger has to do is to join the Clubhouse and continue writing useful blog posts on Windows related topics.
This [...]

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Send mails in Indian Languages using "Gmail"

Gmail enables a new feature, that allows you to send mails in Indian languages.  Currently 5 Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam – are supported.  I am sure more languages are on the anvil.

No special fonts or keyboard mappings are required, as whatever you type in English is converted into the appropriate [...]

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