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Show your latest Tweet on top of Content Column in Thesis Theme

Thesis Theme makes life a lot simpler, if you are trying to customize your blog.  In this post, I will show you how to display your latest tweets at the top of your content column.  You can either choose to display this only on the Home page or on all pages.
What we will Create?
This is [...]

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4 ways to use your Email for Social Networking

Email still continues to be one of the widest used and easier to learn tool around the web.  In this post, I will show some ways to use your email with social networking tools.
1. Posterous

Posterous is a very powerful tool to post things using Email.  It is very simple to get started:

Sign up with Posterous [...]

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A New Twitter Account for Thoughts Unlimited

I have a new Twitter Account for Thoughts Unlimited and it is – @tublogger
If you have been following me on @thotsunlimited, feel free to follow on @tublogger (No Spam!)
Why a New Account?

I am having a few problems with my older account @thotsunlimited
My Service Requests to Twitter are unheard of!
I was following a lot of Spammers!

Why [...]

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Blogging and Social Media Plan for the Next 1 Year

First I thought of putting this into my Google Docs.  Then, I thought of my Personal Diary.  Finally, I decided to go with my Blog, where I tend to do most of these stuff.  I am sure this post is NOT to bore you, but to let you know, what to expect from Thoughts Unlimited [...]

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How to get your (first) Guest Post published?

Guest Posts are one of the best ways to build your network of readers.  But how do you get started with guest blogging?  How to make sure that the Publisher says ‘Yes’ to your guest blog request, right away?  This post talks about the step-by-step process to get your (first) guest post published
Make a [...]

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Create Powerful Contact Forms using

Contact forms are an essential component of any website or blog – as they provide an interface for your readers to get in touch with you.  123ContactForm gives you the flexibility to create HTML forms, style them to match your website or blog design, install them and get notified when someone fills it.  Read on [...]

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FREE Thesis Skin : Blue Magic without Sidebars

Here is a FREE Thesis Skin for all those proud Thesis Theme owners.  Watch the screencast to have a preview of the Skin.  Feel free to use it, customize and share.  Also, provide your feedback to me, without any hesitation!


Simple Thesis Customization
Minimal colors
Single Column layout – gives a rich feel!
Tested on [...]

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7 FREE and Essential Tools for Freelancers

To a freelancer, tools greatly improve productivity and much better if they are available for free.  Here is a list of simple, highly productive and FREE tools that I have been using in my various projects.  I am sure these will help you too.
1.  Skype
Skype is very commonplace nowadays, but I am surprised at a [...]

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Thumbnail image for Create a Killer Services and Portfolio Page with Thesis Theme

Create a Killer Services and Portfolio Page with Thesis Theme

Been a while since I created a Thesis tutorial.  Here you go!  I will show you how to create a “killer” Services and Portfolio Page using Thesis Theme.  In the portfolio section, you can even add the snapshots of the sites you created, testimonials and more.  Read on how to do it!

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