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Web 2.0

Send mails in Indian Languages using "Gmail"

Gmail enables a new feature, that allows you to send mails in Indian languages.  Currently 5 Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada and Malayalam – are supported.  I am sure more languages are on the anvil.

No special fonts or keyboard mappings are required, as whatever you type in English is converted into the appropriate [...]

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Utilizing the Power of “Retweet”

Going through a post in Mashable, I noticed this cute little Twitter gadget that shows the number of times the item has been “tweeted”.
But another cool part is that – it offers you to “Retweet” it right away by giving a link just below the count.  If you are not a Twitter geek and [...]

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Get your Blog Comments to Facebook via Comments Box [Blogging]

If you haven’t setup the Facebook Connect for your blog, here is one good reason to do so.  
Facebook has launched the social widget for Facebook Connect, the Comments Box. Using this, you Blog’s Facebook readers can comment on posts or other content, and these comments can be published in Facebook as a Feed.

It [...]

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Fast Forward – Its kinda StumbleUpon with the flavor of Amazon [Firefox add-ons]

Fast Forward is a Firefox add-on that provides recommendations on the similar web pages that are most visited by readers, who visited the current web page you are in.
As they claim on their add-on page:
It’s like Amazon recommendations for webpages. “People who viewed this page also viewed this next…”
At all times, the Fast Forward button [...]

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How to find your leaders on Twitter? [Twitter]

Much has been talked on getting more followers, retaining your followers and blah, blah, blah… But in this post, you will find ways to locate people on Twitter, who are worthy following.  I prefer to call them your Leaders (in a linguistic sense) on Twitter, whom you choose to follow!!  Because who you follow, determines [...]

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Posting to Twitter by E-Mail [Twitter]

Is Twitter blocked by your Organization, terming it as a ‘Social Networking Site’ or you don’t have Internet access at all?  Can’t you live without your Twitter update?  Don’t worry.  There’s respite in sight.

TwitterMail is a service that can send tweets from your Twitter account, if you send them an e-mail. 
To set things [...]

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4 Handy Tools to post to Twitter as you surf [Twitter]

Do you surf the web a lot and love to post updates to Twitter on the run?  Then you must know the following browser-based tools because they make the job easy for you.
Friendbar (for Firefox)
Friendbar is by far the best browser-based Twitter tool I have come across.   But, the downside is its availability only for [...]

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Yahoo! at ACM Multimedia 2009 [Contests]

Yahoo! is determined to boost up their Image and Video search for sure.  Yesterday, Yahoo! announced a couple of Multimedia grand challenge problems for researchers and algorithm specialists.
A brief intro on these challenges:

Image Search – Developing a robust way to search across images in the web, to provide more meaningful results to searchers.   Contest [...]

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Leapfish : A Fast Multi-Engine Search [Search Tools]

Leapfish is another multi engine search tool, that helps you search across Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Though it is very similar to already popular portal like, Leapfish’s hyper-threading technology to use search engine API’s makes is really fast.  Leapfish goes a step ahead of Google’s Autocomplete and provides you wish search results, as you type [...]

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