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Windows Live Skydrive

Huge number of online storage services, some completely free and some free to a certain limit, have been burgeoning over the last few years. One such service worth mentioning is, Windows Live Skydrive. To use this service, you must sign up for a Windows Live account, which is a Single-Sign-On for all Windows [...]

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Google Image Search turns more specific

Google Image Search turns more specific.  Now, when you make an image search, you can choose to be more specific and filter only those images that are of interest.
Currently the following filters are supported – News Content, Faces, Clip Art, Line Drawings, Photo Content

You can read more about the new feature, at the official Google [...]

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Why Google Chrome might be preferred for Firefox?

Firefox is an extremely robust browser, with numerous choices for customization and extensibility. Though Google Chrome’s market share just recently hit 1%, there are certain of its features that stand out among the rest. In this post, I have tried to identify the areas where Chrome holds an upper hand, against Firefox. [...]

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Wikipedia – How to make it better?

Wikipedia is undoubtedly the most popular and robust online encyclopedia around. But do you know that far less than 1% of users edit or add content to Wikipedia? Wikipedia has so much of information, despite minimal contribution. With increased level of contribution, imagine the wealth of useful and accurate information, that will be [...]

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OHA announces New members

Open Handset Alliance (OHA) is a group of mobile and technology leaders who share the vision for changing the mobile experience for the users. One of the key attributes of the group is – Openness. As they claim, increased openness will enable everyone in our industry to innovate more rapidly and respond better [...]

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Google Book Search extends to Magazines

Are you looking to read old magazines or search for some stuff?  Look no further than Google Book Search.
Google Book Search has added magazines into its ambit.  Google is partnering with publishers as diverse as New York Magazine, Popular Science and Ebony, to digitize archived and current magazines.  These magazines will have the original color [...]

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Updates to Google Charts API

I am a lover of Google Charts API and used it in some of my applications. For those who are new to this:
Google Charts API is a dynamic chart generation tool. Charts can be generated at by passing suitable parameters to the API call and are rendered as images.
There is a good amount [...]

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iPhone for $99?

A couple of days back the news was out that Wal-Mart will sell iPhone for $99. But now, the dust seems to have settled and this was yet another rumor. (I hear you shouting that the Post title was misleading… Sorry about that) The real news however is:
Wal-Mark will sell iPhone for $197 [...]

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Android Dev Phone 1 Released

In line to boost the Android Market, Google has released a new G1 handset especially targeted at Android Developers.
This new phone is both SIM and hardware unlocked and available for all developers registered at Android Market. In short, Android Market is an open distribution system for the applications developed by developers to [...]

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