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Towards a greener environment…

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Fuel prices are spiraling upwards.  In the near future, driving your way down to the multiplex might be dearer than taking an Auto or a Taxi.  We can try the following approaches – as they are friendly to your pocket friendly and to the environment.

  • Avoid personal motor vehicles as much as possible.  Use public transport instead
  • Much better – walk when you can!!
  • Get a bicycle.  Serious! If possible, cycle your way down to the office.  It definitely gives a fresh start to the day
  • Those who cannot avoid 4 wheelers, look out for car pooling possibilities
  • Rigorously follow the procedures outlined in the auto manual like clutch-free driving, efficient usage of Air conditioners, etc., which might save you a lot of fuel

I am planning to follow a few of these, in the days to come.  Any more ideas are welcome!  Let’s work towards a greener environment.

Have a great week ahead!

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Happened to watch Dasavatharam last weekend! Went into the movie with lots of talk about Chaos Theory, Butterfly effect and blah-blah!! But I was just there to witness a definite masterpiece by an ace actor, in 10 (distinct) roles. Following are my positives on the movie.

Versatility of characters

None can deny the distinction and versatility in each of the characters. Kamal had perfected the language of ‘95-year-old-iyengar-paati’ Krishnaveni with the same ease as he had that of Chris Fletcher. Awesome! Balram Naidu with the typical Andhra accent is an icing on the cake. Not to forget Kalifullah Khan and Poovaraghan for their respective accents and characters. Overall the choice of characters and execution of them to perfection - only possible by Kamal!

Flow of Story

The story, naturally is a flowing one, starting from US and ending in Tamil Nadu. But nowhere I have found a slowdown in the movie. The pace was maintained and never gave a chance to relax, for the audience.

Occassional but strong hints of Chaos theory

As pointed out by Kamal in his opening speech, everything that happens in this world have some weird resemblance to something that happened in the past or something that might happen in the future. Following are my observations on this front:

  • Govind trying to save the world from the virus, as Rangarajan Nambi was trying to save Vaishnavism
  • Govind getting hurt right on his forehead resembling the ‘Vaishnava Namam’, same way as Nambi was injured
  • The virus getting into the Perumal idol and Govind trying to save that - similar to Nambi trying to save the Perumal idol
  • Govind and Aandal resolving to be together, near the same idol, which led to separation of Nambi and his wife and many more…


The makeup clearly shows the hardwork - both Kamal and the makeup team has put in. Especially, the Zen master and Chris Fletcher, were my favorites.

So overall, the movie was nice mix of hard work and commercial stuff. I enjoyed watching it!!

Asin: … kadavul ilanu soladhingo…
Kamal: … kadavul ilanu naan eponga sonen. irundha nalla irukumenu than sonen …

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Extrasensory Memory!

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I read this interesting article about a woman, who can remember everything since she was 14.

As she rightly points out, it’s more of a burden than a blessing.  It may be of convenience at times, to remember important conversations in life.  But more often, it might turn out to be a hindrance for interpersonal relationships.  How can you be normal to a person, who had a bitter quarrel with you, that hogs your mind whenever you see him/her?

Would you like to have this extrasensory power?  In that case, will you call it a burden or a blessing?

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