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I like to Kindle!!

Ashwin » 21 November 2007 » In Uncategorized » Comments

Today, I got introduced to the next generation of e-reading through one of the blogs which I follow.  Yes, I am talking about Amazon’s Kindle.

I might be last one to know about this, but I don’t care.  I had a look at the short video which gives a brief demonstration of the device.  Almost everyone of us, is obsessed with newspapers, magazines and blogs.  Sometime ago, a paradigm shift moved us from paper based reading to online reading, which required the use computers or PDA devices.  Going one step further, Kindle greatly simplifies the reading experience.  It does not use any Wi-Fi connection like laptop computers or does not require any server synchronization.  It uses the same technology as the cell phones and gives the user access to popular mags and best sellers.  The design of the device and the controls, as shown in the demonstration, appears to be cute and I fell in love with this device at first sight.

Definitely, Kindle is set to take the reading experience into a new space!

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Nice words but will they turn into actions!

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After quite some time, a nice political speech has been delivered.  The power of young mind was clearly visible in the text of the speech.  I am referring to the one made by Rahul Gandhi at the AICC one-day session, in New Delhi.

The core of his speech revolved around the changes that need to be made to India and also on developing the youth congress as a meritocratic community.  A lot has been said by other leaders in Congress and also their peer political parties, about the development activities.  But the common man (’Aam aadmi’ - pun intended) is yet to taste the sweetness of the fruit.   In India, plans made for public welfare turn out to be similar to a budget made by a lavish bachelor.  A lavish bachelor makes elaborate saving plans at the beginning of a month, but ultimately would find himself with no money on the last week of the month.  Public welfare plans are facing the same fate.  A lot of vigor has been shown by Rahul in his speech and I would be more than happy if it translate in to actions.

Indian politics is in dire need of young and educated politicians, to get an uplift.  Young minds are the source of ideas, that can develop and move the nation into the path of success.  Older minds are always needed for their experience, but the younger blood is needed for innovation and action.  In this context, Rahul Gandhi’s emergence as a full time politician, sounds good for the Congress.  If he succeeds in building a Youth Congress, consisting of people with high attitude and energy, then he would have done a lot of justice to his party.

Rahul - you have expressed your ideas and created huge expectations in the minds of the Indians.  We are looking forward to something from you, which might change the face of Indian National Congress! The countdown starts…

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For budding ‘Freelance Writers’

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Everyone has a lot to say to the rest of the world. In the present age of Internet, there are various means of communication, where people can hear you (Blogging for instance). But, is blogging just enough to enhance your writing skills and receive constructive feedback from peer writers? I don’t think so.

Check out Helium! Helium represent a community of writers. Writers are from various streams, ranging from Culinary experts to Web designers! The articles you write will be reviewed by peer writers and you will have an opportunity to review articles written by others. I am just trying explore this community, to start with my freelance writing dream. See if this community makes sense to your aspirations!

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Say a big ‘No’ to plastic bags!!

Ashwin » 15 November 2007 » In Social » Comments

Firstly, back after a really long hibernation into the blogging world :)
I was inspired to write this post, after reading about a female wildlife filmmaker Rebecca Hosking.  I happened to read about her in an article, featured in the current issue of Reader’s Digest.  Subsequent to this, I googled and got a little more information about her. 

So what makes her so special?  She is one among the few, who have identified a social problem and put her foot down, to really make a change.  Many of us stop with the first one!!  Deeply moved by numerous living creatures dying in Hawaii coast, after feeding on plastic wastes mistaking them for food, she resolved to abstain from using plastic bags.  She made this idea popular in her town of Modbury (UK), which now boasts to be the first town across Europe, that is ‘plastic-free’.  They are now resorting to the use of cotton and jute bags, which are more environment friendly.  An amnesty bin placed in the town, is where the plastic bags are finding their place.  They are put to appropriate recycling measures, to be used in furnitures etc.

This is a wonderful achievement for a person, who really wanted to change the world around her.  Many neighboring towns are now looking at Modbury as an example and trying to take the same course.  I think this can provide a wonderful kick start for everyone of us to make the environment around us, plastic-free.  We can start it from our home, our apartment, our street…  If a huge number of people does this over a period of time, then one fine day India would be ‘plastic free’ :)
P.S.: The jute and cotton bags used as substitute for the plastic bags in Modbury, are imported from India!

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